Canada Map Quiz & Geography Questions Answers

Importance of Canada Map Quiz Questions & Answers

canada map quizThe country of Canada is located in the northern part of North America and it is a well known developed country in the world. It is world’s second-largest country by total area. But the question is do you have the proper information about Canada and its State? If your answer is yes, then it is necessary you play this Canada Map Quiz and increase your knowledge about Canada. This Canada Map Quiz is basically conducted for testing the basic knowledge (geographical knowledge) of the Canada and IQ skills or the ability of any players.  Now with the help of these Canada Map Quizzes, you can learn the names and map locations of all the cities, states in Canada with this Canada Map Quizzes game.

In this Map quiz games, players are asked few basic Canada map-based quiz question which has four options (Multiple Choice Questions Answers) and they have to need to answer this particular questions correctly. If you have got the maximum score as compare to your competitor participants, then you are the winner of that Map quiz games. Do you have enough knowledge of Canadian geography but can’t tell Canadian city or state on a map? This Canada Map Quiz game has a wonderful exercise for every kid, students and every person who wants to increase their basic geography knowledge. Here everyone easily gets the hundreds of Canada Geography Map Quiz, these questions probably covered complete basic geography information.

With these map quizzes, there are numerous important geography facts to learn about the Canada locations. Here on the page of Canada Map Quiz questions, you eligible for identifying the right names and right locations of the city & states in Canada.  With this Canadian Map Quiz, everyone easily searches or find the Canadian geography maps and locations. If you have good knowledge about the Canada geographical knowledge, then we suggest you, play this Canada Geography Quiz game and test your knowledge. If you get the maximum score as compared to others then we can say you are the winner of the Canada map quiz.

List of Canada Map Quiz Questions & Answers or Canada Geography Questions

The conductor of these types of quiz games offers the superb prize to the winning candidate. So, if you have enough knowledge or mastered in this types of map game, that time we highly recommended you just play this types of Map Quiz games and get the best opportunity to win the amazing amount or winning price after winning this types of game.

Qus: How many oceans do Canada touch?
(a) Five           (b) Three
(c) Four          (d) Two
Ans: Three (The Pacific Ocean in the West, the Atlantic Ocean in the East and the Arctic Ocean in the North)

Qus: Which province has a capital city named “Charlottetown”?
(a) Prince Edward Island          (b) Nova Scotia
(c) New Brunswick            (d) None of these

Qus: The St. Lawrence River is a HUGE river in which province?
(a) Manitoba              (b) Quebec
(c) New Brunswick              (d) None of these
Ans: Quebec

Qus: In the following which province or territory goes the highest North?
(a) Yukon                 (b) Nunavut
(c) Northwest Territories              (d) None of these
Ans: Nunavut

Qus: In the following which province goes the furthest South?
(a) British Columbia               (b) Ontario
(c) Quebec             (d) Yukon
Ans: Ontario

Qus: In the following which province goes the furthest East?
(a) Newfoundland and Labrador            (b) British Columbia
(c) Nova Scotia               (d) Yukon
Ans: Newfoundland and Labrador

Qus: Name of Canada’s biggest province, where has the smallest number of people living there.
(a) Nunavut          (b) Prince Edward Island
(c)British Columbia          (d) Newfoundland and Labrador
Ans: Nunavut

Qus: What’s the name of the line of mountains on part of the border between British Columbia and Alberta?
(a) Appalachian Mountains          (b) the Canadian Rockies
(c) Laurentian Mountains            (d) None of these
Ans: Canadian Rockies

Qus: How many Canadian provinces do not have marine coastlines?
(a) One             (b) Two
(c) Three               (d)Four
Ans: Two

Qus: The glacial feature in northwestern Manitoba is a….?
(a) Cirque           (b) Esker
(c) End moraine     (d) Drumlin
Ans: Esker

Important List of Canada Map Quiz Questions Answers:

Qus: Where is Île René-Levasseur Québec island located?
(a) James Bay            (b) St. Lawrence Seaway
(c) Ungava Bay            (d) Manicouagan Reservoir
Ans: Manicouagan Reservoir

Qus: Which of the following Canadian province does not adopt Daylight Saving Time?
(a) New Brunswick             (b) Saskatchewan
(c) Newfoundland and Labrador             (d) Manitoba
Ans: Saskatchewan

Qus: Which of the following elements is not mined in Canada?
(a) zinc            (b) Copper
(c) Aluminum              (d) Molybdenum
Ans: Aluminum

Qus: Environment Canada requires a blizzard to have sustained wind speeds of at least?
(a) 30 km/hr          (b) 40 km/hr
(c) 50 km/hr            (d) 20km/hr
Ans: 40 km/hr

Qus: The border between Alberta and Saskatchewan follows which line of longitude?
(a) 49W            (b) 110W
(c) 42W          (d) 230W
Ans: 110W

Qus: How many provinces does Canada have?
(a) 11         (b) 10
(c) 20        (d) 15
Ans: 10

Qus: What is the name of the only territory in Canada governed by Inuits, or Eskimos?
(a) Moorea         (b) Kalaalit Nunaat
(c) Tuvalu          (d) Nunavut
Ans: Nunavut

Qus: In the following which is the longest river in Canada?
(a) Mil        (b) St. Lawrence
(c) Mississippi       (d) Mackenzie
Ans: Mackenzie

Qus: Which of these cities lies on the St. Lawrence River?
(a) Calgary    (b) Regina
(c) Toronto    (d) Montreal
Ans: Montreal

Qus: Which of the following Canadian rivers does not flow into Hudson Bay?
(a) Oldman              (b) St. Lawrence
(c) Assiniboine        (d) Saskatchewan
Ans: St. Lawrence

Qus: In the following which ocean does not border Canada?
(a) Indian          (b) Pacific
(c) Atlantic        (d) Arctic
Ans: Indian

Common Quiestions About Canada Map & Gegography

Qus: Which one of the following lake is not found in Canada?
(a) Great Slave Lake          (b) Huron
(c) Superior           (d) Great Salt Lake
Ans: Great Salt Lake

Qus: In the following which city is located south of Kelowna?
(a) Kamloops (b) Whistler
(c) Penticton (d) Huron
Ans: Penticton

Qus: Which one of the following river runs through Saskatoon?
(a) South Saskatchewan River        (b) North Saskatchewan River
(c) Churchill River           (d) None of these
Ans: South Saskatchewan River

Qus: In which city is the Cosmodome located?
(a) Quebec City        (b) Laval
(c) Saguenay            (d) None of these
Ans: Laval

Qus: Which river do you need to cross to go from Ottawa to Gatineau?
(a) St. Lawrence River        (b) Gatineau River
(c) Ottawa River         (d) None of these
Ans: Ottawa River

Qus: Which of the following is not a town in New Brunswick?
(a) Quispamsis      (b) Amherst
(c) Rothesay        (d) None of these
Ans: Amherst

Qus: In which county would you find Sydney?
(a) Cape Breton County     (b) Cumberland County
(c) Antigonish County        (d) None of these
Ans: Cape Breton County

Qus: How long is Confederation Bridge?
(a) 12,900 metres         (b) 11,500 metres
(c) 12,300 metres         (d) None of these
Ans: 12,900 metres

Canada Map Quiz & Canada Geography Questions Answers:

Qus: Name the capital city of Canada?

(a) Vancouver (c) Vancouver
(b) Toronto (d) Ottawa

Ans: Ottawa

Qus: What is the flag colour of Canada?

(a) Red &White (c) Green & White
(b) Red & Blue (d) Yellow & White

Ans: Red &White

Qus: In which year Canada became a country?

(a) 1 July 1867 (c) 1 July 1866
(b) 1 July 1877 (d) 1 July 1888

Ans: 1 July 1867

Qus: Which city is the largest city in Canada?

(a) Calgary (c) Vancouver
(b) Toronto (d) Ottawa

Ans: Toronto

Qus: In the following which one is the official tree of Canada?

(a) White Spruce (c) Lodgepole Pine
(b) Maple Tree (d) Paper Birch

Ans: Maple Tree

Qus: Name the largest Island of Canada?

(a) Sable Island (c) Baffin Island
(b) Vancouver Island (d) Victoria Island

Ans: Baffin Island

Qus: Which two languages is the official language of Canada?

(a) Russian, French (c) French, English
(b) English, Russian (d) Arabic, French

Ans: French, English

Qus: Which is the longest River in Canada?

(a) Fraser River (c) Mackenzie River
(b) Athabasca River (d) Yukon River

Ans: Mackenzie River

Qus: What is the official winter sport of Canada?

(a) Baseball (c) Ice Hockey
(b) Lacrosse (d) Basketball

Ans: Ice Hockey

Qus: What is the official summer sport of Canada?

(a) Ice Hockey (c) Lacrosse
(b) Baseball (d) Basketball

Ans: Lacrosse

Qus: What is the national animal of Canada?

(a) Beaver (c) Lynx
(b) Moose (d) Eagle

Ans: Beaver

Qus: What is the length of Saint Lawrence River in Canada?

(a) 1,197 km (c) 1,000 km
(b) 1,297 km (d) 1,167 km

Ans: 1,197 km

Qus: What is the length of Yukon River in Canada?

(a) 2,187 km (c) 3,187 km
(b) 3, 87 km (d) 3,100 km

Ans: 3,187 km

Qus: In which river is the Deh Chao Bridge situated?

(a) Yukon River (c) Fraser River
(b) Mackenzie River (d) Churchill River

Ans: Mackenzie River

Qus: In the following which one is the source of Ottawa River?

(a) Lake Erie (c) Reindeer Lake
(b) Lake Ontario (d) Lake Capimitchigama

Ans: Lake Capimitchigama

Qus: What is the total length of Ambassador Bridge?

(a) 1,200 m (c) 2,286 m
(b) 2,232 m (d) 2,754 m

Ans: 2,286 m

Qus: Which one of the following is the longest bridge in Canada?

(a) Confederation Bridge (c) Blue Water Bridge
(b) Cambie Bridge (d) Ambassador Bridge

Ans: Confederation Bridge

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