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Learn About Easy Geography Questions for Kids 2019-2020:

Geography Questions for KidsAll of us have heard the word geography, do you know what is the right meaning of geography? If not, this post will prove useful to you. To further enhance your geography related knowledge, our team presenting an Easy Geography Quiz for you through this post. The word “Geography” comes to us from the Greeks language. In Greek, geo means “earth” and graph means “to write.” In Geography, e study about the places and the relationships between people and their environments. In Geography, we search how are the physical quality of Earth’s surface and how the human societies lived around it. Geographers examine how human culture interacts with the natural environment and the way that locations can have an impact on people. Geography is the study to understand where things are found, why they are there, and how they develop and change over time. All this type of interesting topics we read in Geography. In starting geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places, and environments. We know that humans have always been curious about to know the world, many people think geography is the oldest of all the sciences. The ancient Greek scholar ‘Eratosthenes’ is known as the father of geography, who first coined the word Geography. This post is written for kids, under which you will read the Easy Geography Questions for Kids or miscellaneous Geography questions for kids.

List of Top 10 Easy Geography Questions for Kids 2019-2020:

Qus: Name the largest country in the world?
(a) Spain                (b) Russia
(c) Afghanistan      (d) Japan
Ans: Russia

Qus: In the following what is the capital city of Spain?
(a) Madrid               (b)Valencia
(c) Barcelona           (d) Seville
Ans: Madrid

Qus: Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata are major cities in which of the following country?
(a) Spain                 (b) India
(c) America             (d) Japan
Ans: India

Qus: What colour are motorways on British roadmaps
(a) Yellow              (b) Red
(c) Blue                  (d) Green
Ans: Blue

Qus: In the following what is the name of the biggest ocean on Earth?
(a) The Atlantic Ocean             (b) The Pacific Ocean
(c) The Arctic Ocean                (d) The Indian Ocean
Ans: The Pacific Ocean

Qus: What is the biggest state in the USA by area?
(a) California                  (b) New Jersey
(c) Alaska                       (d) Pennsylvania
Ans: Alaska

Qus: In the following which sea separates Europe from Africa?
(a) The Adriatic Sea                         (b) The Mediterranean Sea
(c) The Arabian Sea                          (d) The Red Sea
Ans: The Mediterranean Sea

Qus: In the following which desert covers much of northern Africa?
(a) The Sahara Desert               (b) The Arabian Desert
(c) The Sonoran Desert            (d) The Thar Desert
Ans: The Sahara Desert

Qus: In the following what is the capital city of Australia?
(a) Juba                       (b) Canberra
(c) Jerusalem               (d) New Jersey
Ans: Canberra

Qus: In the following which ocean lies between Africa and Australia and south of Asia?
(a) The Pacific Ocean                          (b) The Indian Ocean
(c) The Arctic Ocean                           (d) The Atlantic Ocean
Ans: The Indian Ocean

Geography Questions for Kids or Geography Quiz Questions Answers 2019-2020 for Kids:

Qus: In which mountain range is Mount Everest?
(a) The Alps                                (b) The Himalayas
(c) The Karakoram                     (d) The Andes
Ans: The Himalayas

Qus: What we call that person, who studies about earthquakes?
(a) A Biologist                      (b) A seismologist
(c) An Astronaut                   (d) Physiologist
Ans: A seismologist

Qus: In which country are the holy cities of Mecca and Medina?
(a) Afghanistan                  (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Algeria                          (d) Albania
Ans: Saudi Arabia

Easy Geography Quiz Questions Answers for Kids 2019-2020:

Qus: Which Italian city is famous for its canals?
(a) Rome                      (b) Venice
(c) Naples                     (d) Milan
Ans: Venice

Qus: Kabul is the capital city of which country?
(a) Afghanistan                   (b) Algeria
(c) Albania                          (d) Saudi Arabia
Ans: Afghanistan

Qus: In which country would you find the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”?
(a) Pairs                       (b) Spain
(c) Italy                        (d) Japan
Ans: Italy

Qus: What is the name of the highest mountain on Earth?
(a) Mount Everest                       (b) Mount Erebus
(c) Tibesti Mountains                  (d) Chimborazo
Ans: Mount Everest

Qus: In the following which legendary creature is a symbol in both China and Wales?
(a) Lion                                 (b) Dragon
(c) Peacock                            (d) None of these
Ans: Dragon

Miscellaneous World Geography Questions for Kids or Simple World Geography Trivia Questions:

Q. Where is the capital city of Laos?
a) Savannakhet
b) Luang Prabang
c) Pakse
d) Vientiane
Ans: Vientiane

Q. Where is the capital city of Mozambique?
a) Beira
b) Maputo
c) Chimoio
d) None of these
Ans: Maputo

Q. Where is the capital city of Sudan?
a) Juba
b) Port Sudan
c) Khartoum
d) Omdurman
Ans: Khartoum

Q. Where is the capital city of Zambia?
a) Lusaka
b) Ndola
c) Kitwe
d) Livingstone
Ans: Lusaka

Q. Where is the capital city of Mauritius?
a) Plaine Magnien
b) Port Louis
c) Quatre Bornes
d) Curepipe
Ans: Port Louis

Q. Where is the capital city of Misr?
a) Cairo
b) Giza
c) Luxor
d) Alexandria
Ans: Cairo

Q. Where is the capital city of Ghana?
a) Accra
b) Kumasi
c) Tema
d) Sekondi Takoradi
Ans: Accra

Q. Where is the capital city of Morocco?
a) Rabat
b) Fes
c) Casablanca
d) Tangier
Ans: Rabat

Q. Where is the capital city of Argentina?
a) San Miguel de Tucuman
b) Buenos Aires
c) Mar Del Plata
d) Mendoza
Ans: Buenos Aires

Q. Where is the “Baikal lake” located?
a) Canada
b) China
c) Russia
d) India
Ans: Russia

Q. Where is the “Great bear lake” located?
a) Russia
b) United State
c) Northwest Territories, Canada
d) Argentina
Ans: Northwest Territories, Canada

Q. Where is the “Ojos Del Salado volcano” located?
a) Uruguay – Argentina
b) Argentina–Chile
c) Paraguay – Chile
d) Argentina -Paraguay
Ans: Argentina–Chile

Q. Where is the “Cotopaxi volcano” located?
a) Paraguay
b) Ecuador
c) Chile
d) Canada
Ans: Ecuador

Q. Where is “Mount Mckinley” located?
a) Africa
b) Central America
c) North America
d) None of These
Ans: North America

Q. Where is “Nevado Del Ruiz volcano” located?
a) Colombia
b) Argentina
c) Villamaría, Caldas, Colombia
d) Mexico
Ans: Villamaría, Caldas, Colombia

Q What is the currency of Mozambique?
a) Mozambican pound
b) Mozambican rupee
c) Mozambican dollar
d) Mozambican metical
Ans: Mozambican metical

Q. What is the currency of Sudan?
a) Sudanese rupee
b) Sudanese pound
c) Dollar
d) None of These
Ans: Sudanese pound

Q. What is the currency of South Africa?
a) Dollar
b) Rand
c) Rupee
d) Pound
Ans: Rand

Q. What is the currency of Libya?
a) Pound
b) Dinar
c) Riyal
d) Dollar
Ans: Dinar

Q. What is the height of statue of unity?
a) 172 m
b) 162 m
c) 192 m
d) 182 m
Ans: 182 m

Q. What is the height of statue of liberty?
a) 78 m
b) 88 m
c) 93 m
d) 95 m
Ans: 93 m

Q. Where is the statue of unity located?
a) Gujarat, India
b) China
c) United State
d) France
Ans: Gujarat, India

Q. What is the height of K2 mountain?
a) 8,611 m
b) 6,511 m
c) 9,602 m
d) 7,601 m
Ans: 8,611 m

Q. What is the height of Illampu mountain?
a) 5, 986 m
b) 7, 876 m
c) 6,368 m
d) None of These
Ans: 6,368 m

World Geography Questions for Kids or Simple Geography Questions for Teenagers:

Q. 1. What is the total area of the United State?
Ans: 3,794,100 sq mi

Q. 2. Which are the frontline countries of the United States?
Ans: Canada and Mexico

Q. 3. Which is the Longest river in the United State?
Ans: Missouri River,

Q. 4. Which is the longest mountain chain in the world?
Ans: The Andes mountain chain of South America

Q. 5. River Oxus is the ancient name of which rivers?
Ans: Amu Darya

Q. 6. The “Registan Desert” is a part of which country?
Ans: Afghanistan

Q. 7. Which is the driest desert on Earth?
Ans: Atacama

Q. 8. Which is the most popular holy river in India?
Ans: River Ganga

Q. 9. Which is the single largest irrigated area in the earth?
Ans: Indus Valley

Q. 10. Where is the Mount Kilimanjaro located?
Ans: Tanzania

Q. 11. Where is the world largest coal export port (Newcastle port) located?
Ans: Australia

Q. 12. Where is the Al ‘Aziziyah place (the hottest place on earth) is located?
Ans: Libya

Q. 13. Where is the only active volcano located in which of South Asia country?
Ans: India

Q. 14. Where is the INBAR (International Network of Bamboo & Rattan) located?
Ans: Beijing, China

Q. 15. In which country Shakespeare beach is located?
Ans: England

Q. 16. In which country Acasta Gneiss is located?
Ans: Canada

Q. 17. Where is the KKS Harbour located?
Ans: Jafna

Q. 18. Which is the most popular and biggest democratic country in the world?
Ans: India

Q. 19. Which is the largest Uranium producer country in the World?
Ans: Canada

Q. 20. Where is the capital city of Ecuador?
Ans: Quinto

Q. 21. What is the total number of current Time Zones in Russia?
Ans: 11 Time Zones

Q. 22. Where is the world’s longest seawall located?
Ans: South Korea

Q. 23. The Hagia Sophia is located in which country?
Ans: Turkey

Q. 24. Where is the capital city of Honduras?
Ans: Tegucigalpa

Q. 25. What is the maximum number of British overseas territories
Ans: 14 territories

List of World Geography Quizzes for Kids or Simple Geography Quizzes for Teenagers:

Q. 1. Where is the Wailing Wall located?
Ans: Jerusalem

Q. 2. Where is the great Victoria Desert located?
Ans: Australia

Q. 3. Which country is commonly known as Pearl of the Caribbean Sea?
Ans: Cuba

Q. 4. Which is one of the largest river system in the U.S?
Ans: Mississippi

Q. 5. Which of the two different countries are joined by the Bridge of No Return?
Ans: North Korea and South Korea

Q. 6. Where is the most popular and largest religious monument Angkor Wat situated?
Ans: Cambodia

Q. 7. Where is the Cape of Good Hope located?
Ans: Shout Africa

Q. 8. Which ocean is also known as Shallowest ocean on the Earth?
Ans: Arctic Ocean

Q. 9. Gift of the Nile is the common name of which country?
Ans: Egypt

Q. 10. What is the name of the largest city in Latin America?
Ans: Mexico City

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