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Importance of Easy Trivia Questions Answers for Kids

The conduction of easy trivia questions contest has played a vital role in boosting the memory power of general people. The stress in contemporary life has become as the important part and nobody can be found untouched by it. This kind of situation gradually reduces the memory power and finally, people begin to be the victim of dementia due to which they lose their mental ability for analyzing something. Thus the easy trivia questions for kids help a lot in improving the mental ability of general people along with offering the platform for entertainment. Trivia supports the improvement in cognition. As per the psychology of the human being, it has been analyzed that people grab something more deeply when it is brought to them in the form of fun. This is why people must take part in this quiz contest if they literally wish to enhance their memory power.

Benefits of Easy Trivia Questions Answers

When people play the trivia game, they are forced to recollect the information to which they don’t mostly use. This phenomenon of accessing those information leads to the mental stretching which is literally a great exercise. Easy trivia questions combine various different topics and multiple forms of thoughts that work in an important way for the improvement of cognition. This is people become able to learn and retain something in their memory is quite an easy way. Another positive aspect of the easy trivia questions is that it enables their contestants to perform even under the situation of pressure. The splendid feature of easy trivia questions is that each new round offers an additional opportunity for the brain to carry out the work under pressure. This quiz game also helps in the reduction of stress. Therefore it is advised to the people to become participants of easy trivia questions when is being conducted. This creates an opportunity for the people to learn the bunch of random stuff.

List of Easy Trivia Questions & Answers Based on Different Category 
Football Trivia Quiz Animal Trivia Questions
Baseball Trivia Quiz Christmas Trivia Questions
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Top 20 Mix Easy Trivia Questions Answers for Kids

Q: The North Dakota is also called?

Sioux State Phoenix
New Orleans Mexico

Ans:  Sioux State

What is the name of the capital city of Alabama?

Rhode Island Mexico
Montgomery Florida

Ans: Montgomery.

Q: What is the name of youngest U.S. President who was dying in the office?

William Howard Taft James Buchanan
Warren G. Harding John F. Kennedy

Ans: John F. Kennedy.

Q: The “Apple” company originated in which country?

Japan. India
United State China

Ans:  United State (US)

Q: The “Microsoft” company originated in which country?

United State (US) South Korea
Russia England

Ans:  U.S. (United State)

Q: The “Samsung” company originated in which country?

South Korea Australia
United State India

Ans:  South Korea

Q: The “Dell” company originated in which country?

Germany Australia
England United State (U.S)

Ans:  United State

Q: Who is the founder of Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg Bill Gates
Priscilla Chan Steve Jobs

Ans: Mark Zuckerberg

Q: Who is the founder of Google?

Jeff Bezos  Larry Page, Sergey Brin
Priscilla Chan Steve Jobs

Ans:  Larry Page, Sergey Brin

Q: Who is the founder of Amazon?

Jeff Bezos Amancio Ortega
Warren Buffett Elon Musk

Ans:  Jeff Bezos

Q: Who is the founder of Audi?

Warren Buffett Steve Jobs
August Horch Martin Winterkorn

Ans: August Horch

Q: What is the short abbreviation for Florida?


Ans:  FL

Q: What is the short abbreviation for Wyoming?


Ans:  WY

Q: What is the short abbreviation for United State?


Ans: U.S.

Q: What is the short abbreviation for the United Kingdom?


Ans:  U.K

Q: What is the short abbreviation for Australia?


Ans:  AU

Q: What is the short abbreviation for Canada?

a) CN b) CND
c) CAN d) CA

Ans: d) CA

  1. Which state is also known as the Green Mountain State?
a) Minnesota c) California
b) Florida d) Vermont

Ans: d) Vermont.

Q: Is the Ottawa the capital city of?

a) England b) United State
c) Japan d) Canada

Ans: d) Canada.

  1. Who is the God of Cricket?
a) Sachin Tendulkar c) Don Bradman
b) Ricky Ponting, d) Rahul Dravid

Ans: a) Sachin Tendulkar

  1. The wall is the nickname of?
a) Rahul Dravid c) VVS Laxman
b) Virat Kohli d) Ricky Ponting

Ans: a) Rahul Dravid

Qus: Which of the following is the largest planet in our solar system?
a) Pluto
b) Saturn
c) Venus
d) Jupiter
Ans: Jupiter

Qus: What shape is the Milky Way gallaxy?
a) Round
b) Square
c) Spiral
d) Triangle
Ans: Spiral

Qus: Player Babe Ruth is related to which sport?
a) Baseball
b) Football
c) Basketball
d) Tennis
Ans: Baseball

Qus: Which of the following is the tallest mammal?
a) Elephant
b) Blue Whale
c) The giraffe
d) Hippopotamus
Ans: The giraffe

Qus: Saturn largest moon name is?
a) Callisto
b) Titan
c) Europa
d) Ganymede
Ans: Titan

Qus: Total number of planets in our solar system is?
a) Eight
b) Nine
c) Ten
d) Seven
Ans: Nine

Qus: Which one is the chemical symbol of Hydrogen?
a) Hs
b) He
c) H
d) Ho
Ans: H

Qus: What is the full form of FBI?
a) Force Board of Independent
b) Freedom Bureau of Intelligence
c) Federal Bureau of Investigation
d) Force Bureau of Investigation
Ans: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Qus: Which US State is called ‘The Golden state’?
a) California
b) New York
c) Florida
d) Texas
Ans: California

Qus: Name the author of the “Harry Potter” book?
a) J. K. Rowling
b) Zadie Smith
c) Hilary Mantel
d) Daniel Radcliffe
Ans: J. K. Rowling

Qus: In McDonald’s what is the color of letter ‘M’?
a) Red
b) Yellow
c) Blue
d) Green
Ans: Yellow

Qus: “Nation shall speak peace unto nation” is the motto of which organization?
a) The Scout Association
b) British Films Institute
c) British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
d) British Armed Forces
Ans: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Qus: In the following which one is the capital of USA?
a) Ottawa
b) Washington, D.C.
c) Moscow
d) Sacramento
Ans: Washington, D.C.

Qus: When did Queen Elizabeth I die?
a) 24 March 1602
b) 24 March 1610
c) 24 March 1603
d) 24 March 1605
Ans: 24 March 1603

List of Important Easy Trivia Questions for Kids Answers

Qus: In the following which country is the home of kangaroo?
(a) Australia                                (b) India
(c) America                                 (d) Japan
Ans: Australia

Qus: In the following which is the top colour of a rainbow?
(a) Green                                    (b) Blue
(c) Red                                        (d) Yellow
Ans: Red

Qus: Which country sent an Armada to attack Britain in 1588?
(a) Australia                                     (b) America
(c) Spain                                           (d) South Africa
Ans: Spain

Qus: In the following what sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers?
(a) Juice                                         (b) Honey
(c) Milk                                          (d) None of these
Ans: Honey

Qus: Which big country is closest to New Zealand?
(a) Armenia                                          (b) Australia
(c) Bangladesh                                      (d) Spain
Ans: Australia

Qus: Who created the children’s book character ‘Tracy Beaker’?
(a) Richard Adams                                 (b) Jacqueline Wilson
(c) Joan Aiken                                        (d) Jean Adamson
Ans: Jacqueline Wilson

Qus: How many colours are in a rainbow?
(a) 7                                        (b) 8
(c) 4                                        (d) 6
Ans: 7

Qus: In the following which river flows through London?
(a) Sepik River                             (b) The Thames
(c) Danube                                   (d) Mekong River
Ans: The Thames

Qus: In the following which Italian city is famous for its leaning tower?
(a) Pisa                                       (b) Milan
(c) Rome                                    (d) Turin
Ans: Pisa

Qus: In the following which state is called the Treasure State?
(a) Calgary                                (b) Toronto
(c) Montana                               (d) Ottawa
Ans: Montana

Qus: In the following which state is called the Pine Tree State?
(a) Maine                                             (b) Houston
(c) Los Angeles                                   (d) Phoenix
Ans: Maine

Qus: What is California’s state capital?
(a) San Diego                                      (b) Sacramento
(c) Oakland                                         (d) Los Angeles
Ans: Sacramento
Qus: Where is the Kruger National Park?
a) South Africa
b) China
c) Canada
d) Australia
Ans: South Africa

Qus: In which country Hitler was born?
a) Germany
b) Switzerland
c) Austria
d) Italy
Ans: Austria

Qus: Where is the Buckingham palace located?
a) Japan
b) London
c) France
d) Germany
Ans: London

Qus: Name the currency of Japan?
a) Dollar
b) Pound
c) The yen
d) The euro
Ans: The yen

Qus: In the following which is the first National Park of India?
a) Bandhavgarh National Park
b) Kaziranga National Park
c) Jim Corbett National Park
d) Periyar National Park
Ans: Jim Corbett National Park

Qus: Name the pigment of ‘carrot’ in the following?
a) Chlorophylls
b) Carotene
c) Flavonoids
d) Betalains
Ans: Carotene

Qus: Which of the following planet is closest to the sun?
a) Mars
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Jupiter
Ans: Mercury

Qus: Which of the following football player is known by the name of ‘Black Pearl?
a) Ronaldo
b) Neymar
c) Pele
d) Garrincha
Ans: Pele

Qus: The infection of AIDS occurs through the contamination of which the following?
a) Blood
b) Food
c) Air
d) Water
Ans: Blood

Qus: Name the largest moon in the solar system?
a) Ganymede
b) Callisto
c) Titan
d) Europa
Ans: Ganymede

Qus: In the world how many total continents are there?
a) Five
b) Eight
c) Nine
d) Seven
Ans: Seven

Qus: In the following which planet is covered with frozen methane?
a) Venus
b) Pluto
c) Mars
d) Saturn
Ans: Pluto

Qus: In which US state is the Wichita International airport?
a) Iowa
b) Missouri
c) Kansas
d) Texas
Ans: Kansas

Qus: Name the first president of Zambia?
a) Michael Sata
b) Kenneth Kaunda
c) Frederick Chiluba
d) Edgar Lungu
Ans: Kenneth Kaunda

Qus: In the following where is the capital of Kenya?
a) Garissa
b) Meru
c) Eldoret
d) Nairobi
Ans: Nairobi

Qus: In the following which is the tallest mountain in the world?
a) K2
b) Mt. Everest
c) Lhotse
d) Kangchenjunga
Ans: Mt. Everest

Qus: In the following what is the first element in the periodic table?
a) Helium
b) Lithium
c) Hydrogen
d) Beryllium
Ans: Hydrogen

Qus: Canberra is the capital of which country?
a) China
b) Australia
c) New Zealand
d) Canada
Ans: Australia

Qus: Total height of ‘Burj Khalifa’ tower is?
a) 822.8 m (2,300 ft)
b) 829.8 m (2,722 ft)
c) 800.8 m (2,700 ft)
d) 811.8 m (2,666 ft)
Ans: 829.8 m (2,722 ft)

Qus: In the following what is the meaning of IP address?
a) Internet Platform
b) Internet protocol
c) Internet Performance
d) Internet Premium
Ans: Internet protocol

Qus: Who discovered the radium in the following?
a) Jons Jacob Berzelius
b) Edwin McMillan
c) Otto Hahn
d) Marie and Pierre Curie
Ans: Marie and Pierre Curie

Qus: How many states are in the US?
a) 50 states
b) 55 states
c) 45 states
d) 57 states
Ans: 50 states

Qus: In the following what is the full form of ‘NASA’?
a) National Aeronautics and Space Administration
b) National Air and Safety Administration
c) National Air and Space Administration
d) National Aeronautics and Sea Atmosphere
Ans: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Qus: Name the first person who walks on the moon?
a) John Glenn
b) Neil Armstrong
c) Kalpana Chawla
d) Sally Ride
Ans: Neil Armstrong

Qus: In the following where is the ‘White House’ located?
a) Washington, D.C
b) New York
c) Maryland
d) Chicago
Ans: Washington, D.C

Qus: Who is the first President of USA?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) George Washington
c) John Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson
Ans: George Washington

Fill in the Blanks Online Easy Trivia Questions Answer for Kids/Students

If you interested to increase your basic trivia knowledge just try to give these few easy trivia quiz answer.

  1. Google chrome is one of the very popular internet _____________.
  2. Mozilla Firefox is also very popular ________________.
  3. AVG is most popular computer ___________________.
  4. Norton is computer security ___________________.
  5. Computer Keyword is one of the _________________ devices.
  6. Computer Mouse is also example of __________________Device.
  7. Computer Monitor is ___________________device.
  8. Pen Drive is one of the _________________device.
  9. Microphone is one of the ______________device.
  10. ___________ is the father of Computer.

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