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Geography Quiz: Learn About the Geography Trivia Questions Answers:

Geography Trivia QuestionsGeography The Greek name for the word and its interpretation at its primary level is creditworthy to the Greeks. Initially, geography was a part of the social sciences. Gradually, many Greek and Roman Catholic scholars contributed in developing this topic. Arab geographers also developed some branches of geography in the former medieval period. Geography is composed of two Greek words Geo, which means to write or describe the meaning of Earth and Graphic. So the geography of the common language is the science that describes the earth’s surface. Initially, under the Geography subject, the study of the earth’s surface, location and areas and the principal material and cultural elements were practices only. But gradually many aspects related to geography were developed. According to major geographers, the meaning of Earth is not limited to its surface, but under it there is a thin airplane above the earth and the inner part of the Earth. Geography is the science of the study of the earth’s surface, its appearance, physical characteristics, political division, climate, production, population, environment and its problems etc. There is constant change in the surface, there are many dynamic and many types of complex relationships found in the various symptoms found on the surface. Earth’s surface development is unstable and dynamic, due to this the nature of geography, its definition, purpose and text are changing from beginning today. Now here we try to discuss Geography Trivia Questions And Answers.

World Geography Quiz or Geography Trivia Questions and Answers for Students:

Once this science was considered as a place to study, then it was once considered to describe states or political units. Geography is recognized scientific Scientists have kept geography in the category of science. In Europe and many universities of Europe, in the 19th century, the knowledge of the form and facts of the abyss is considered to be the subject area of geography. But soon after studying this abysmal Earth in Germany and France, as well as human phenomena, human factors began to be considered under geography. In this, regional geography was also studied on a new basis. This post, written for Geography Trivia, through which you can increase your geography knowledge.

List of Geography Quiz (Geography Trivia Questions and Answers):

Q. Where is the “Great Wall of China” located?
a) Huairou, China
b) Japan
c) India
d) None of These
Ans: Huairou, China

Q. Where is the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” located?
a) Pisa, Italy
b) New Delhi, India
c) France
d) None of These
Ans: Pisa, Italy

Q. Where is the “Eiffel Tower” located?
a) United State
b) Italy
c) Paris, France
d) India
Ans: Paris, France

Q. Where is the “Statue of Liberty” located?
a) New York, USA
b) New Delhi, India
c) Paris, France
d) Huairou, China
Ans: New York, USA

Q. Which is the biggest Continent in the world?
a) Australia
b) Asia
c) Africa
d) None of These
Ans: Asia

Q. Which is the smallest Continent in the world?
a) Australia
b) Africa
c) North America
d) None of These
Ans: Australia

Q. Which is the largest Ocean in the world?
a) Southern Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Indian Ocean
d) None of These
Ans: Pacific Ocean

Q. Which is the Smallest Ocean in the world?
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Southern Ocean
d) Arctic Ocean
Ans: Arctic Ocean

Q. Which is the longest river in the world?
a) Nile River
b) Amazon River
c) Yangtze River
d) None of These
Ans: Nile River

Q. Which is the largest river in the world?
a) Ganga River
b) Yangtze River
c) Amazon River
d) None of These
Ans: Amazon River

Common World Geography Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids/Students

Advanced World Geography Quiz or Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Qus: Where is the World Meteorological Organization’s office?
(a) Italy
(b) Geneva
(c) London
(d) Europe
Ans: Geneva

Qus: The Humboldt stream flows through which coast?
(a) Near the west coast of North America
(b) Near the west coast of South Africa
(c) Near the west coast of South America
(d) Near the west coast of West America
Ans: Near the west coast of South America

Qus: Which plateau is located between the Aravali and Vindhya ranges?
(a) Plateau of Nagpur
(b) Plateau of Deccan
(c) Plateau of Malwa
(d) Sikkim
Ans: Plateau of Malwa

Qus: In whose reign the first railway line was laid in India?
(a) Lord Canning
(b) Lord Dalhousie
(c) Lord Curzon
(d) Lord Bantique
Ans: Lord Dalhousie

Qus: Who is the author of ‘Geographica’?
(a) Eratosthenes
(b) Hicciones
(c) Megasthenes
(d) None of these
Ans: Eratosthenes

Qus: What is the number of planets in our solar system?
(a) 6
(b) 7
(c) 9
(d) 10
Ans: 9

Qus: Which is the largest planet in our solar system?
(a) Jupiter
(b) Venus
(c) Neptune
(d) Saturn
Ans: Jupiter

Qus: Who are those two planets which have no satellite?
(a) Jupiter and Venus
(b) Mercury and Venus
(c) Mars and Jupiter
(d) Venus and Jupiter
Ans: Mercury and Venus

Qus: What is the name of the planet called ‘Earth’s Twin Sister’?
(a) Jupiter
(b) Venus
(c) Mars
(d) Mercury
Ans: Venus

Qus: What is the unit to find the distance between the stars?
(a) Kilometer
(b) light years
(c) Liters
(d) Meter
Ans: light years

Qus: How many degrees is the earth leaned on its axis?
(a) 22.1 degrees
(b) 21.3 degrees
(c) 23.5 degrees
(d) 20.2 degrees
Ans: 23.5 degrees

Qus: Which planet is the most far away from the Sun?
(a) Pluto
(b) Venus
(c) Jupiter
(d) Saturn
Ans: Pluto

Qus: In which direction does the Sun revolve around its axis?
(a) West to East
(b) North to South
(c) East to West
(d) South to North
Ans: East to West

Qus: What is the smallest planet in our solar system?
(a) Pluto
(b) Saturn
(c) Mercury
(d) Venus
Ans: Mercury

Qus: What is the most hot planet in the solar system?
(a) Venus
(b) Mercury
(c) Pluto
(d) Saturn
Ans: Venus

Qus: How much time does Saturn take to revolve around the sun?
(a) 23 years
(b) 29.5 years
(c) 24.5 years
(d) 22.5 years
Ans: 29.5 years

Qus: How much time does Uranus take in a orbit around the sun?
(a) 44 years
(b) 84 years
(c) 55 years
(d) 43 years
Ans: 84 years

Qus: How much distance does the earth rotate per minute?
(a) 42 kilometers
(b) 49 kilometers
(c) 22 kilometers
(d) 62 kilometers
Ans: 49 kilometers

Qus: Which planet gives rise to green light?
(a) Mercury
(b) Saturn
(c) Neptune
(d) Pluto
Ans: Neptune

Geography Quiz Question & Answers

Qus: Which animal was first sent in space and what was his name?
Ans: Lika (bitch) which is Sputnik II was sent in.

Qus: What was the 100th mission of ISRO?
Ans: P.S.L.V.

Qus: Who first calculated Mount Everest?
Ans: Radhanath Sikdar (Indian mathematician )

Qus: What is the most valid theory of the origin of the universe?
Ans: Big Bang theory

Qus: What is the first asteroid discovered?
Ans: Cirrus

Qus: How far is ‘Andromeda’ from our galaxy?
Ans: 2.537 million light years

Qus: Which planet of the Solar System is closest to the Sun?
Ans: Mercury

Qus: Which planet’s shape is almost equal to the size of the Earth?
Ans: Venus

Qus: How much time does light take from the sun to the earth?
Ans: 8 mts, 16.6 seconds

Qus: How does the colour of the sky appear to astronauts?
Ans: Black

Qus: On which planet is the tallest mountain of the solar system ‘Nix Olympia’?
Ans: Mars

Qus: What is the length of a light year?
Ans: 9.46 × 1012 km

Qus: Jammu is situated on the banks of which river?
Ans: Tawi river

Qus: When is the longest day in Australia?
Ans: 22 December

Qus: Beirut is the capital of which country?
Ans: Lebanon

Qus: What is the name of the cyclone hurricane rising on the southeastern coast of the United States?
Ans: Tornado

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