Geography Trivia Questions Answers for Kids, Students

Top 10 Important World Geography Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens:

Hard Geography Trivia Questions and Answers are very useful for checking their trivia knowledge. Those kids who think they are strong in world geography or they have enough geography knowledge that time you can take a test and check your geographical knowledge. Here, is some hard trivia questions that are based on world geography so carefully read and learn these following questions and answers and try to increase your world geography knowledge in fun way. These Hard geography trivia quizzes for very useful especially grade 5 to grade 10 students. Now let’s play this amazing hard geography trivia questions game and try to give correct answers quickly.

Hard Geography Trivia Questions for Teens or Hard Trivia Quiz for Kids:

Q. 1. Kodiak Island is in which of the US state?
a) Guam
b) Puerto Rico
c) Alaska
d) New York
Ans: Alaska

Q. 2. What is the name of the largest country based on the surface area?
a) China
b) Canada
c) Russia
d) Australia
Ans: Russia

Q. 3. Where are the most volcanoes presents?
a) Africa
b) Indonesia
c) Australia
d) Japan
Ans: Indonesia

Q. 4. Where is Catalonia located?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Canada
d) None of These
Ans: Spain

List of Important Geography Quizzes for Kids – Geography Questions and Answers for Kids:

Q. 5. Which is the biggest city in Spain?
a) Barcelona
b) ‎Madrid
c) Seville
d) Valencia
Ans: ‎Madrid

Q. 6. Where is the capital city of Georgia?
a) Chicago
b) Atlanta
c) Springfield
d) Bridgeport
Ans: Atlanta

Q. 7. Sacramento is the capital city of which state?
a) Los Angeles
b) California
c) Connecticut
d) Hawaii
Ans: California

Q. 8. Where is Birmingham located?
a) Russia
b) United State (US)
c) United Kingdom (UK)
d) None of these
Ans: United Kingdom (UK)

Q. 9. The Dead Sea located in which continent?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) North America
Ans: Asia

Q. 10. The Indian Ocean located on which continent?
a) South America
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) North America
Ans: Asia