History Trivia Questions Answers for Kids/Teens

List of Important Indian History Trivia Questions and Answers (World History Trivia Questions):

Q. 1. Who is bimbisara and Bindusara?

Q. 2. Who is father of bimbisara?

Q. 3 What is the meaning of bimbisara?

Q. 4. Why was bimbisara important?

Q. 5. Who is the king of Magadha?

Q. 6. Is Bindusara and bimbisara same?

Q. 7. Who was the first king of Magadha?

Q. 8. What is the capital of Bimbisara?

Q. 9. Who is the wife of Bindusara?

Indian History Questions and Answers for Kids/Teens (Indian History Quiz for Teens):

Q. 10. Who killed Helena Maurya?

Q. 11. Who killed Bindusara?

Q. 12. Who is the first wife of Bindusara?

Q. 13. Who was the last Mauryan ruler?

Q. 14. Who was the son of Ashok?

Q. 15. How did Dharma die?

Easy History Trivia Questions And Answers (Easy History Questions and Answers for Kids):

Q. 16. Why Bab el Mandeb is called Gate of Tears?

Q. 17. Which city is known as the gateway of tears?

Q. 18. What does Bab el Mandeb mean?

Q. 19. Who controls Bab Mandeb?

Q. 20. What is the nickname of India?

Q. 21. Which city is called Rome of India?

Q. 22. How far is Yemen from Africa?

Q. 23. Which city is called Rome of Asia?

Q. 24. Which strait connects Red Sea and Indian Ocean?

Q. 25. What is the biggest strait in the world?

Q. 26. What is the busiest strait in the world?

Q. 27. What separates Africa from Arabia?

Q. 28. Which country has the greatest population in the Middle East?

Q. 29. What is the ethnic makeup of most of the people on the Arabian peninsula?

Q. 30. What are the 7 countries on the Arabian peninsula?