Kid Jeopardy Questions and Answers Trivia Game

List of Important Kids Jeopardy Questions And Answers Game:

Kid Jeopardy Questions 2021: Whenever we talk about easy or simple knowledge game for kids, at that time Kid Jeopardy Questions are one of the best options for every teenager when you at home or road trip to a vacation destination or when you want to learn something new with your friends at that time these Kid Jeopardy Questions 2021 are very useful for you. These Jeopardy Questions for Kids contains different types of questions based on History Jeopardy Quiz for kids, Music Jeopardy Questions for Teens, Entertainment Jeopardy trivia questions game and Science Jeopardy trivia Questions game for teens. The Kid Jeopardy Questions and Answers range from easy to more difficult so that everyone can join in.

Jeopardy Questions for Kids (Kid Jeopardy Questions and Answers):

Q. 1. What is the favourite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
a) Pizza
b) Cake
c) Chocolate
d) Icecream
Answer: Pizza.

Q. 2. What kind of animal is Sid in Ice Age?
a) Tiger
b) Elephant
c) Mouse
d) A Sloth
Answer: A Sloth

Q. 3. Who plays the lead character in Mean Girls?
a) Lindsay Lohan
b) Amanda Seyfried
c) Natasha Richardson
d) Aliana Lohan
Answer: Lindsay Lohan

Q. 4. Which part of his body did Charlie Chaplin insure?
a) His Feet
b) His Stomach
c) His Hand
d) His Hair
Answer: His feet

Q. 5. Who was the first character to speak in Star Wars?
a) Chewbacca
b) Princess Leia
c) C-3PO
d) BB-8
Answer: C-3PO

Simple Jeopardy Questions for Kids 2021 Game Online:

Q. 6. What is the name of the movie in 1954 which won eight Oscar awards?
a) On the waterfront
b) A Streetcar Named
c) 12 Angry Men
d) The Chase
Answer: On the waterfront

Good Final Jeopardy Questions for Kids on Music (Sample Jeopardy Questions for Kids on Music):

If your teen is always on Headphones, either jamming to different songs or dancing around the house. Now a simple Music trivia quiz for teens is an interesting way to find out your teenager’s passion for music. In this section, you can easily get a huge number of simple Jeopardy trivia questions for teens on music.
Easy Jeopardy Questions and Answers for Kids om Music:

Questions. 7. Miss Adkins is an artist born in London. What is she famously known as?
a) Angelo Adkins
b) Adele
c) Simon Konecki
d) Sam Smith
Answer: Adele

Questions. 8: Madonna was born in which state of the United State?
a) California
b) Washington D.C
c) Michigan
d) Florida
Answer: Michigan

Questions 9: Who is called the King of Pop?
a) Lady Gaga
b) Michael Jackson
c) Madonna
d) Britney Spears
Answer: Michael Jackson

Questions 10. Who is the Greek God of Music?
a) Britney Spears
b) Apollo
c) Michael Jackson
d) None of These
Answer: Apollo

Jeopardy Questions for Kids/Teens ( Jeopardy Trivia Questions for Kids/Teens):

Questions 11: What is the name the artist who rejoined the band Backstreet Boys in 2012.
a) Brian Littrell
b) Kevin Scott Richardson
c) AJ McLean
d) Nick Carter
Answer: Kevin Scott Richardson

Questions 12: Bully is a controversial song by?
a) Kanye West
b) Snoop Dogg
c) Eminem
d) Drake
Answer: Eminem

Questions 13: Who is the very famous left-handed guitarist?
a) Jimi Hendrix
b) Jim Morrison
c) Janis Joplin
d) None of These
Answer: Jimi Hendrix

Questions 14. What is the name of the band which sang “Hotel California”.
a) Fleetwood Mac
b) The Eagles
c) Jackson Browne
d) Bee Gees
Answer: The Eagles

Questions 15: Who designed and invented the Les Paul electric guitar?
a) Chet Atkins
b) Bing Crosby
c) Les Paul
d) Jeff Beck
Answer: Les Paul

Questions 16: In which year were the US Grammy awards started?
a) 1949
b) 1959
c) 1859
d) 1919
Answer: 1959

Jeopardy Questions for Kids About Books:

Hello Kids! Here you can find some important trivia questions and answers based on Books for you. If you are interested to learn something new about Books, and Novels etc. then you can easily get a huge number of simple Jeopardy trivia questions and answers for kids.

Q. 31: Who is the author “Flashman” series of novels?
a) Richard Lester
b) Bernard Cornwell
c) George MacDonald Fraser
d) Alexander Salkind
Answer: George MacDonald Fraser

Q. 32. Which Shakespearean character played the Prince of Tyre?
a) Herodotus
b) Pericles
c) Cleisthenes
d) Thucydides
Answer: Pericles

Q. 33. Name the author of the 2009 Newbery award-winning book, “The Graveyard”.
a) Alan Moore
b) Terry Pratchett
c) Neil Gaiman
d) Henry Selick
Answer: Neil Gaiman

Q. 34. In the Twilight series book “New Moon,” which city does Cullens tell everyone that they were moving to?
a) New York
b) Los Angeles
c) Washington D.C
d) Alaska
Answer: Los Angeles

Q. 35: Who is the author of Gremlins?
a) Quentin Blake
b) Lucy Dahl
c) Roald Dahl
d) Dr. Seuss
Answer: Roald Dahl

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