Best Preschools Near Me 2020 in United State of America (USA)

List of Best Preschools Near Me 2020 in United State of America (USA):

Best Preschools Near Me 2020-2021: Hello Parents, we hope you are good with your kids. If you are searching to explore top preschools 2020-2021 in your area based on parent reviews and pre-K statistics from the United State (US) Department of Education. Discover the best preschool near me (free preschools near me) for early childhood learning programs to help your preschool-age kids/child get a head start by the comparing pre-K cost, part-time and full-day PK options, and pre-primary schools ratings. Now, here we are trying to collect a huge list of best preschool near me in different State of United State.

Best Preschools Near Me 2020-2021 in United State:

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in California (Best Preschools in California):

1. The Nueva School
(650) 350-4600
6565 Skyline Blvd
Hillsborough, CA 94010

2. The Harker School
(408) 249-2510
500 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129

3. The Quarry Lane School
(925) 829-8000
6363 Tassajara Rd
Dublin, CA 94568

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Washington, DC (Best Preschools in Washington, DC):

1. Sidwell Friends School
(202) 537-8100
3825 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

2. Georgetown Day School
(202) 274-3210
4200 Davenport Street NW
Washington, DC 20016

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Michigan (Best Preschools in Michigan):

1. Cranbrook Schools
(248) 645-3610
399221 Woodward Ave
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in New York, U.S. (Best Preschools in New York, U.S.):

1. Rye Country Day School
(914) 967-1417
3 Cedar Street
Rye, NY 10580

2. Riverdale Country School
(718) 549-8810
5250 Fieldston Road
Bronx, NY 10471

3. Packer Collegiate Institute
(718) 250-0221
170 Joralemon St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

4. French-American School of New York
(914) 250-0400
320 E Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

5. United Nations International School – Manhattan Campus
(212) 584-3071
24-50 FDR Drive
New York, NY 10010

5. Saint Ann’s School
(718) 522-1660
129 Pierrepont St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Florida, US (Best Preschools in Florida, USA):

1. Pine Crest School – Fort Lauderdale
(954) 492-4100
1501 NE 62nd Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

2. American Heritage School – Plantation Campus
(954) 472-0022
12200 W Broward Blvd.
Plantation, FL 33325

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Illinois (Best Preschools in Illinois):

1. University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
(773) 702-9450
1362 E 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Texas, US (Best Preschools in Texas, USA):

1. The Hockaday School
(214) 360-6526
11600 Welch Road
Dallas, TX 75229

2. Greenhill School
(972) 628-5400
4141 Spring Valley Road
Addison, TX 75001

3. Keystone School
(210) 735-4022
119 E Craig Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

4. The Kinkaid School
(713) 782-1640
201 Kinkaid School Dr
Houston, TX 77024

5. The Awty International School
(713) 686-4850
7455 Awty School Lane
Houston, TX 77055

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Pennsylvania, US (Best Preschools in Pennsylvania, USA):

1. Germantown Friends School
(215) 951-2300
31 West Coulter Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

2. The Baldwin School
(610) 525-2700
701 Montgomery Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Massachusetts, US (Best Preschools in Massachusetts, USA):

1. Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
(617) 547-6100
80 Gerrys Landing Rd
Cambridge, MA 02138

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in New Jersey, US (Best Preschools in New Jersey, USA):

1. Dwight-Englewood School
(201) 569-9500
315 E Palisade Ave
Englewood, NJ 07631

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Maryland, US (Best Preschools in Maryland, USA):

1. The Bryn Mawr School
(410) 323-8800
109 W Melrose Ave
Baltimore, MD 21210

List of Best Preschools Near me 2020-2021 in Connecticut, US (Best Preschools in Connecticut, USA):

1. Greenwich Academy
(203) 552-4408
200 N Maple Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

FAQ Preschools Near Me 2020-2021 in the USA (United State of America):

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Q. 7. Can a 4-year-old start kindergarten in Arizona?

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Q. 9. What age does a child start school in Arizona?

Q. 10. Can a 4-year-old be in kindergarten?

Q. 11. Should my child start kindergarten at 5 or 6?

Q. 12. Should I send my kid to preschool?

Q. 13. Is preschool better than staying at home?

Q.14. What are the disadvantages of preschool?

Q. 15. Is preschool a waste of money?

Q. 16. Is it OK to skip preschool?

Q. 17. Do children who attend preschool do better in school later on?

Q. 18. Do you really need preschool?

Q. 19. Should a 4-year-old go to preschool?

Q. 20. Will my child be behind without preschool?

Q. 21. What are the main pros and cons of preschool?

Q. 22. Should a 2-year-old go to preschool?

Q. 23. What is the purpose of preschool?

Q. 24. Is preschool good for 3-year-olds?

Q. 25. How long should a 3-year old attend preschool?

Q. 26. Is preschool necessary at age 3?

Q. 27. What should my 3-year old know before preschool?

Q. 28. Should a 3-year-old be able to write their name?

Q. 29. Should a 3-year-old know the alphabet?

Q. 30. At what age should a child know ABC’s?

Q. 31. How many letters should a 4-year-old know?

Q. 32. When should a child count to 10

Q. 33. When can a child count to 20?

Q. 34. What math should a 4-year-old know?

Q. 35. What math should a 5-year-old know?

Q. 36. What should a 5-year old know academically

Q. 37. How high should a 5-year-old count?

Q. 38. Can 5-year-olds write their name?

Q. 39. Can 5-year-olds write?

Q. 40. What can a 5-year-old write?

Q. 41. What is normal behaviour for a 5-year-old?

Q. 42. What should a 5-year old know before kindergarten?

Note: In the above post we are sharing a huge list of top Preschool near me 2020-2021 (best preschools in United State 2020-2021) after well research. But if you have any doubt with these best preschool in United State or top christian preschool near me (church preschools near me) at that time you can write to us. Our team also try to provide best possible information regarding preschools.

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