Sports Trivia Questions and Answers 2019-2020

Importance of Sports Trivia Questions Answers 2019-2020:

There are many kinds of troubles and stress in human life. People are surrounded by different types of concerns. Sports frees us from these problems, tensions and worries. Sports are healthier. These are helpful in the proper operation of various organs of the body. Exercise is exercised by the body, and the accumulated water in the form of perspiration comes out. Sports brings freshness to the body and mind. These muscles are well-formed. Games have the same role as to remove the boredom of the mind and bring happiness to the mind, so much other than that. This is the reason that different types of sports are given adequate importance in different societies and in the country. Playing in schools and other higher education institutions is considered to be an integral part of education. Many sports related events are organised. There are annual sports events in schools. Game-trainers teach children to play different types of game in school. Children get excited to play and become free from stress and concentrate in retraining. Here you can find quick list of very common Sports Trivia Questions And Answers.

List of Sport Trivia Questions Answers 2019-2020:

There are several types of games, which are mainly divided into two sections – indoor and outdoor. Indoor sports such as cards, Ludo, Carrom, etc. are helpful in intellectual development as well as entertainment. At the same time, outdoor sports such as cricket, football, hockey, batting, tennis, Balibal etc. are beneficial in keeping the body healthy. The difference between these two classes is that the outdoor play requires large grounds, this game is helpful in keeping our body fit. While indoor games do not require large grounds, this games can also be played in the house courtyard. ports are very beneficial for us because they teach us timeliness, patience, discipline, work in the group and perseverance. Through this post, our team will present you the ‘Sports Trivia Question’ related to the game.

Common Sport Trivia Questions Answers 2019-2020

Qus: Which country’s first ever home football international was played at the Racecourse Ground in 1877?
Ans: Wales

Qus: Which is the only American Football team to go a whole season undefeated, including the Super Bowl?
Ans: The Miami Dolphins, in 1972.

Qus: Frankie Fredericks represented which African country in athletics?
Ans: Namibia

Qus: Which sport is played on the largest pitch?
Ans: Polo

Qus: In 1950, India withdrew from the World Cup because FIFA refused to let them do what?
Ans: Play barefoot

Qus: Which sports playing area is 2.7 metres by 1.5 metres?
Ans: Table Tennis

Qus: Which sport do the Oklahoma City Thunder play?
Ans: Basketball

Qus: What is the only sport to have been played on the surface of the moon?
Ans: Golf – In 1971, astronaut Alan Shepherd hit 2 golf balls to see how far they might travel.

Qus: Who were the runners up in the Europa League Final of 2010?
Ans: Fulham FC

Qus: James Naismith invented which sport?
Ans: Basketball

Qus: What male tennis player has won the most Grand Slam titles?
Ans: Roger Federer

Qus: Who is the only athlete ever to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series?
Ans: Deion Sanders

Qus: Who was the first golfer to win the Masters Tournament two years in a row?
Ans: Jack Nicklaus

Qus: Bobby Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time in which game?
Ans: Chess

Qus: What is the regulation height for a basketball hoop?
Ans: 10 feet

Qus: Where did the sport of curling originate?
Ans: Scotland

Qus: What city hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics?
Ans: London, England

Qus: Lambeau Field is the home field of which National Football League team?
Ans: Green Bay Packers

Qus: What year was the first Super Bowl played?
Answer: 1967

Qus: The Kangaroo Hoppet is a long distance cross-country skiing race that is held in which country?
Answer: Australia

Qus: What is the highest score possible in 10 pin bowling?
Ans: 300

Qus: What country was host to the 1930 inaugural FIFA Football World Cup?
Ans: Uruguay

Qus: One of the greatest Hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky, played for what team in the 1980s?
Ans: Edmonton Oilers

Qus: Muhammad Ali retired from boxing in 1981, what was his career record?
Ans: 55 wins, 5 defeats

Qus: In what year were the first Wimbledon Tennis Championships held in England?
Ans: 1877

Qus: The Olympic Games were not held during which three years, for what reason?
Ans: 1916, 1940, 1944, (World Wars I and II)

Qus: In what year did Tiger Woods begin his professional golf career?
Ans: 1996

Qus: The 1968 Winter Olympics were held in which French city?
Ans: Grenoble

Top 10 Trivia Sport Questions Answers for Kids 2019-2020

Qus: What three nations were the original members of the “Imperial Cricket Council”, now known as the International Cricket Council?
Ans: England, Australia, South Africa

Qus: What was the name of the horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973, to be the first winner in 25 years?
Ans: Secretariat

Qus: In 1952, the first Zamboni to be used in an NHL game was used at a game between which two teams?
Ans: Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens

Qus: Which gymnast won three gold medals with seven perfect scores at the 1976 Montreal Olympics? Ans: Nadia Comaneci

Qus: In what year was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for car racing built?
Ans: 1909

Qus: In what year were women first allowed to participate in the modern Olympic games?
Ans: 1900 at the Paris Olympics

Qus: Where was golf’s 1977 US Open held?
Ans: Tulsa Oklahoma

Qus: Who shared world amateur baseball championship with USA in1973?
Ans: Cuba

Qus: In what year was the Rugby Football Union formed in London?
Ans: 1871

Qus: “The Ashes” is the most important trophy in what sport?
Ans: Crickets

Qus: What stadium is the site of the first super bowl that later hosted the 1984 Olympics?
Ans: The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Qus: The Heisman Trophy is presented in which sport?
Ans: Football

Qus: Who was the first U.S. volleyball player to win three Olympic gold medals?
Ans: Karch Kiraly

Good Sports Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers 2019-2020

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