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Importance of US History Quiz & American History Questions Answers:

US History QuizHistory is the important subject or study of different types of changes and development in any society over time. The word of History came from the Greek word ἱστορία, and historia, means “inquiry, knowledge or information acquired by various investigation” which is based on past and it is described in written documents. Those people or scholars who write about any history they are generally called historians. In the other world history is all about learning how to think about in the past, which mostly affects the present, in a very disciplined way. Generally, in the subject of History, we just talk about the asking any types of questions based on the past What happened? When did it happen? and What were the short-term as well as long-term effect or result?. But in this section, we are trying to check your American history or US history knowledge. If you think you are enough knowledge about American History or US History just check your knowledge and take a test your knowledge of U.S. History. Because, in the below section we are trying to mention the huge list of American History Quiz, US History Quiz so just try to learn these American history questions answers and increase your US history trivia knowledge. Generally, these American History Quizzes are based on early Native American civilizations to modern-day America including the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Civil Rights Era, and political history trivia questions answers.

List of Common US History Quiz & American History Questions Answers:

Qus: In the following which state was the first to secede from the Union before the start of the Civil War?

(a) Arkansas (c) South Carolina
(b) Alabama (d) Arizona

Ans: South Carolina

Qus: In the following which of the cultures developed first?

(a) Maya (c) Aztec
(b) Inca (d) Olmec

Ans: Olmec

Qus: In what year American independence day was first established as a holiday by Congress?

(a) 1865 (c) 1770
(b) 1870 (d) 1843

Ans: 1870

Qus: In the following which year did the Vietnam War officially end?

(a) 1977 (c) 1975
(b) 1971 (d) 1972

Ans: 1975

Qus: In the following which American president served three terms in office?

(a) Lyndon B. Johnson (c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
(b) John F. Kennedy (d) Herbert Hoover

Ans: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Qus: Which of the following journalists broke the Watergate Scandal?

(a) Seymour Hersh and Meyer Berger (c) Cronkite and Donaldson
(b) Woodward and Bernstein (d) Sawyer and Brokaw

Ans: Woodward and Bernstein

Qus: Which country gave the gift of the Statue of Liberty to the United States?

(a) Italy (c) Japan
(b) France (d) Russia

Ans: France

Qus: Who was the President of United States during World War I?

(a) Warren G. Harding (c) Theodore Roosevelt
(b) Woodrow Wilson (d) William Howard Taft

Ans: Woodrow Wilson

Qus: At what time did America join the World War first?

(a) April 6, 1917 (c) May 6, 1917
(b) Jun 6, 1916 (d) April 6, 1915

Ans: April 6, 1917

Qus: The Attack of which country brought the United Kingdom into World War I?

(a) Japan (c) China
(b) Belgium (d) Russia

Ans: Belgium

List of Common US History Trivia Questions Answers:

Qus: When was the first nuclear bomb dropped by America?

(a) August 6, 1944 (c) August 6, 1950
(b) August 6, 1949 (d) August 6, 1945

Ans: August 6, 1945

Qus: In which place did the first nuclear bomb drop by US?

(a) Russia (c) South Carolina
(b) Hiroshima (d) Spain

Ans: Hiroshima

Qus: When was the United Nations formed?

(a) 20 October 1945 (c) 24 October 1945
(b) 2 October 1945 (d) 28 October 1945

Ans: 24 October 1945

Qus: Who was the President of America during World War II?

(a) Woodrow Wilson (c) Warren G. Harding
(b) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (d) Theodore Roosevelt

Ans: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Qus: In the following which had the greatest impact on influencing Native American culture?

(a) The Northwest Passage (c) The Middle Passage
(b) Nature and environment (d) Tribal warfare

Ans: Nature and environment

Qus: In the following which was the main construction material of Native Americans of the Southwest?

(a) Stone (c) Wood
(b) Adobe (d) Bamboo

Ans: Adobe

Qus: In the following which colonies was settled first?

(a) Plymouth (c) Jamestown
(b) Pennsylvania (d) Roanoke

Ans: Roanoke

Qus: What was the name of the ship, the Pilgrims used to travel to Plymouth?

(a) The Santa Maria (c) The Mayflower
(b) The Nina (d) The Jolly Roger

Ans: The Mayflower

Qus: In the following who did George Washington name as the first Secretary of the Treasury?

(a) James K. Polk (c) Alexander Hamilton
(b) John Adams (d) James Monroe

Ans: Alexander Hamilton

Qus: In the following which one was the main source of revenue for the new American government in the 1790s?

(a) Donations (c) Income tax
(b) Tariffs on imports (d) Sales tax

Ans: Tariffs on imports

Qus: In the following which battles were the first victory for the American colonists in the Revolutionary War?

(a) The Battle of Lexington (c) The Battle of Trenton
(b) The Battle of Concord (d) The Battle of Yorktown

Ans: The Battle of Concord

List of Common American History Trivia Quiz Questions Answers

Qus: In the following which was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War?

(a) The Battle of Concord (c) The Battle of Saratoga
(b) The Battle of Yorktown (d) The Battle of Lexington

Ans: The Battle of Yorktown

Qus: Which of the following American inventor built the first commercially successful steamboat in 1807?

(a) Eli Whitney (c) Robert Fulton
(b) Hiram Maxim (d) Isaac Singer

Ans: Robert Fulton

Qus: In the following who served as the President of the Confederacy?

(a) Abraham Lincoln (c) John Wilkes Booth
(b) Jefferson Davis (d) Robert E. Lee

Ans: Jefferson Davis

Qus: In the following who took command of the Army of Northern Virginia on June 1, 1862?

(a) General Robert E. Lee (c) John C. Brown
(b) William B. Bate (d) Joseph Wheeler

Ans: General Robert E. Lee

Qus: Which of the following was the leading cause of death among Civil War soldiers?

(a) Gunshot wounds (c) Cannon fire
(b) Disease (d) None of these

Ans: Disease

Qus: In the following who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

(a) John Wilkes Booth (c) Robert Redford
(b) Sylvester Stallone (d) Jim Carrey

Ans: John Wilkes Booth

Qus: Who were the members of the Triple Entente in World War I?

(a) Italy, Germany, Russia (c) France, Russia, Great Britain
(b) Germany, Hungary, Russia (d) France, Germany, Austria

Ans: France, Russia, Great Britain

Qus: In the following which country formally requested an armistice to end The Great War?

(a) France (c) Germany
(b) USA (d) Great Britain

Ans: Germany

Qus: In the following who rose to power as the Communist leader of the Soviet Union in the late 1920s following the death of Vladimir Lenin?

(a) Vladimir Lenin (c) Lev Kamenev
(b) Joseph Stalin (d) Pavel Dybenko

Ans: Joseph Stalin

Qus: Name of the first President of the United States is?

(a) Thomas Jefferson (c) James Madison
(b) George Washington (d) John Adams

Ans: George Washington

Qus: In the following which was a key naval weapon used by the Germans during World War I?

(a) The U-boat (c) The aircraft carrier
(b) The Zeppelin (d) The bi-plane

Ans: The U-boat

List of Important US History Quiz Questions Answers

Qus: When was George Washington born?

(a) February 1730 (c) February 1732
(b) February 1729 (d) February 1731

Ans: February 1732

Qus: In the following who is the 45th American President?

(a) Barack Obama (c) Donald Trump
(b) Bill Clinton (d) George W. Bush

Ans: Donald Trump

Qus: When was the US President Bill Clinton born?

(a) 19 August 1944 (c) 19 August 1946
(b) 19 August 1936 (d) 19 August 1942

Ans: 19 August 1946

Qus: In the following who was the NFL’s first president?

(a) Walter Flanigan (c) Frank Nied
(b) Jim Thorpe (d) Walter Flanigan

Ans: Jim Thorpe

Qus: When did George Washington die?

(a) 14 December 1799 (c) 14 December 1780
(b) 14 December 1779 (d) 14 December 1793

Ans: 14 December 1799

Qus: When was William Shakespeare born?

(a) April 1554 (c) April 1564
(b) April 1560 (d) April 1544

Ans: April 1564

Qus: In the following which president is credited with freeing the slaves?

(a) John Tyler (c) John Adams
(b) James Madison (d) Abraham Lincoln

Ans: Abraham Lincoln

Qus: Name the only president who was not elected by the people?

(a) John Tyler (c) Gerald Ford
(b) Andrew Johnson (d) Franklin Pierce

Ans: Gerald Ford

Qus: Who was the first African-American to be elected President of US?

(a) Herbert Hoover (c) Gerald Ford
(b) Barack Obama (d) Richard Nixon

Ans: Barack Obama

Qus: In the following who was the first African American to be chosen as an Astronaut by NASA for the United States Space Program?

(a) John Glenn (c) Guion “Guy” Bluford
(b) John Ericsson (d) Scott Carpenter

Ans: Guion “Guy” Bluford

Qus: Name the first African American recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize?

(a) Ralph Johnson Bunche (c) Michael W. Young
(b) Kip Thorne (d) Michael Rosbash

Ans: Ralph Johnson Bunche

List of Important American History Quiz Questions Answers

Qus: In the following who was the first male African American musical artist to win a Grammy Award?

(a) Quincy Jones (c) Count Basie
(b) John Williams (d) Quincy Jones

Ans: Count Basie

Qus: How many US Army Generals have been elected President of the United States?

(a) 23 (c) 12
(b) 11 (d) 9

Ans: 12

Qus: When did the American musician Buddy Holly die?

(a) 3 February 1949 (c) 3 February 1959
(b) 3 February 1950 (d) 3 February 1960

Ans: 3 February 1959

Qus: In the following who was the coach of the 2006 Huskers?

(a) Rodger Craig (c) Johnny Rodgers
(b) Bob Devany (d) Bill Callahan

Ans: Bill Callahan

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