ACT Test Dates Registration, Eligibility and Syllabus

About The ACT Test Dates 2018-2019: Registration, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern, and Syllabus

The ACT is one of the most important an entrance exams which is used by most of the colleges and universities to make admissions for eligible candidates. ACT entrance exams provide one common standard that can be easily used to compare all candidates. The mass placed on ACT entrance exams scores varies from college to college. The other important thing is that most of the schools/colleges consider in their admissions decisions are your high school GPA, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation, interviews and personal essays. But if you looking for more specific details about the ACT exams scores at the schools/colleges you’re interested in, you can directly contact the admissions offices. Now here in this post, we try to mention ACT Test Dates 2018-2019, Registration, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern, and Syllabus and ACT Question of the Day etc.

ACT Quick Facts

Frequency 6 times/year
Duration 3 hours, 3 hours 40 minutes including the essay
Sections English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing
Cost $34 – $49.50
Max. Score 36
Avg. Score 21

ACT 2018 Test Dates and Registration

Here is one the best place for nailing down the complete information about ACT test dates and can help you plan your preparation and get your college applications in gear. Now find upcoming ACT dates 2018 below, along with the complete secure information about ACT test registration deadlines for each test date.

Online Registration for the ACT Exam

ACT Test Registration 2018-2019: Online registration method is the fastest way to register for upcoming ACT test. Every eligible student easily applies for it before the last date of registration. The online registration process is very simple and easy. If you looking for more details about Online Registration process for the ACT Exam, it is mention below.

Detailed Instructions about Register for the ACT Exam

  1. Open ACT Test Official website (
  2. Now click on “Sign“option (located at top right corner) then you need to select on “Register for the ACT Test” (if you first time apply for ACT Test).
  3. New pop-up windows is open, here you need to click on “Create Account”
  4. Select the right option and then just click on “Continue” button.
* Have you registered for the ACT before?  Yes        No
* Have you taken the ACT before?  Yes        No
  1. After this process you will eligible for submitting your details so now it’s time to fill right details like;

11.         Student’s First Name

12.         Last Name

13.         Middle Initial

14.         Date of Birth

15.         Email Address

16.         Confirm Email Address

5. Now fill the checkbox and click on “Continue”

  1. Please fill the all necessary details on your account below and then click on“Continue”.
* Create Your User ID
* Create Your Password
* Confirm Password

7.  Fill your parent’s details and then click on “Continue”

Parent First Name
Parent Last Name
Parent Email Address
Confirm Parent Email Address

8.  After click on that you can find new form so just fill it carefully and click on “Continue”.

9.  Please identify the high school you currently attend or refer to the options below. A response is required.

10.  Now click on Register now!

Congratulation! Now you can access your online registration account.

After this whole process, you can able to fill your ACT Test Form very easily. So don’t waste your time and start filling your form as soon as possible.

ACT Test Dates 2018-2019:

Are you looking for ACT test dates 2018-2019? Do you want to plan for the preparation of ACT according to the selected test dates? Then we feel great in intimating you that your effort is literally going in the positive direction. Continue reading the article to know about possible ACT test dates.

An ACT that refers to the American College Testing which is a standardized test conducted by the non-profit ACT. This is organized to evaluate the college readiness of a high school student. Those students who want to pursue their higher studies in the USA have to take this ACT and hence it is essential for them to collect all the required information associated with ACT test.

Apart from these, the most important thing is ACT test dates 2018-2019. As it is conducted more than one time in a year so students must know that how many times it is organized in a year. As far as the eligibility for the ACT is concerned then no any specific requirement has been prescribed till yet. It is usually taken by 13 and above year old high school students. There is no any grade restriction to appear at the exam. Howbeit international students are required to have the credit or debit card to follow the registration process for the exam and also a valid international passport is required to show as a valid identification proof.

International test dates for the ACT has been made available on our Website which is updated each year according to the need. On the whole International students have five test dates which have been offered and out of five, three falls in September to December months. Students may register for the test at least one month ago to the ACT test dates. For being at the safer side, students may appear for it first in April/June to have a time-window for the purpose of improvement in the usually rushed fall season.

This step will allow a lot of time for the preparation of ACT. Beginning of study may be done prior to selected ACT test dates which carry the long duration of your applying date and test date. On this basis, students would be able to analyze their mistakes along with their strong and weak points.

Confirmation regarding your chosen ACT test dates 2018-2019 will enable you to make preparation for the ACT as per the syllabus without any stress. Most often, ACT test comprises the section like English, Math, reading and science. The endurance of an individual is examined with their knowledge as the test continues for around three hours on the whole. The preparation for ACT test is completely a methodical procedure that depends on your learning of your high-school fundamentals. It is deemed as the best way to make some preliminary research regarding the testing centres.

ACT Exams Timing 2018-2019

The ACT is most popular college entrance exam in the United States (US) and it is the important part of the admissions process in colleges and universities. Searching for few basic details about the upcoming ACT test format 2018-2019? We will provide it! Generally ACT exams are composed of major four multiple choice sections questions like English, Math, Reading, and Science and one optional essay section Writing.

Section Questions & Time Limit
English 75 questions in 45 min.
Math 60 questions in 60 min.
Reading 40 questions in 35 min.
Science 40 questions in 35 min.
Writing (optional) 1 essay in 40 min.

ACT Exam Pattern for 2018-2019

The ACT test is conducted for finding the deserving candidates or students by the several colleges in the United States. Such types of a platform for various entrance exams has been conducting to check out that what types of educations students have learned at high school. Generally, students have two various options for selecting the way for the entrance examination. They can either select ACT with no writing and second is the ACT with writing. The ACT with no writing includes different types of subjects these are mention below;

    1. English
    2. Mathematics
    3. Reading
    4. Science

Every interested applicant who selects the ACT with writing as optional has to take the ACT test 2018-2019 of an essay. The ACT exam does not hold the condition of negative marking for any incorrect answers. Total obtain scores are determined on the basis of a total number of right answers. The conduction of this exam takes place by the ACT to check out the college willingness of approaching students.

ACTExam Format

In the present time, you need to get complete information about ACT Exam Format because if you surely want to do well on the upcoming exams of the ACT; that time you have to need to collect the complete information about ACT Exam Format. It’s not enough to just study test content. You have to also know about the complete information about ACT test inside and out, including what types of questions to expect, what reading passages to anticipate, and what are the important topic areas you’ll encounter the most. In this article, we’ll go over everything you required to know about how to attend ACT written test, including test format, content, and types of question.

Why is knowledge Of the ACT Format Helpful?

The ACT is very important to test for students, although there have been some quite changes recently; the format of the exam has stayed pretty constant over the past few years. But few advantage of ACT Exam Format for upcoming test 2018-2019 are bellow;

  • Awareness of any exam format surely helps you focus on, and improve on your weaknesses.
  • You can collect the all-important data and focus on right direction.
  • Knowing the complete ACT test format and structure inside and out may help improve preparation,

How to Prepare for the ACT Exams 2018-2019:

Every interested student already is known, a high ACT score can help you get into your top college, as well as qualify you for these top colleges scholarships! So whenever are you planning to start your upcoming ACT test? These top ten preparation tips for ACT test. If you follow these mentioned preparation tips will surely help you. So start your upcoming Test study plan as soon as possible.

  1. Buy at least couple of important & reputable course-related study books
    2. Use your course-related all books in entire time for each section
    3. Get inside the heads of the test makers
    4. Find the most frequently asked tested questions and learn it with the concepts
    5. Make a healthy plan for the daily study.
    6. Find your weaknesses point and resolve it as soon as possible.
    7. Always remember that types of test-taking are a learned skill, not an inherent gift
    8. Time to time check your knowledge if you think you miss any topic just take it on the priority basis.
    9. Memorize the instructions for each test
    10. Spend some time with the free resources at ACT exams related web portals including its official websites.
    11. Maintain your study schedule till the last date of exams.

ACT Exam Scores

Register as a Test Taker with Disabilities

ACT FAQ 2018-2019

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