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Importance of African Countries Quiz Questions Answers or Trivia Questions 2018

African countries quiz is being conducted in current to let the people analyze their geographical knowledge. For a maximum time, it is seen that people lack the knowledge about how to locate the map of a particular country. If you are also one of them who feel like there is need of revising the geography then you must take part in the map quiz contest. This will enable you to recall various aspects of that specific country. Now in this section, we will talk about the African countries quiz. This will help in offering the scope to know about various things regarding the geographic location of African countries. The most favourable aspect is that anybody can participate in this quiz contest without any problem. We all know that map is the collection of data that addresses the different place of that specific country. This is drawn to develop the sense of understanding about different cultures that exist. The African countries quiz consists of question relating to several different locations of Africa. Usually, because of being the busy schedule of people in day to day life, most of them could not manage the time to have a look over their general knowledge that they should have associated with the map of other countries. But the conduction of different of map quiz allows them to collect some more knowledge. Besides these, African countries quiz also stands for various advantages that usually include:

  • It supports in reducing the irrelevant stress: taking part in African countries quiz allows anybody in overcoming the stress that they have to face in their daily life.
  • It works as the mental cross-training: African countries quilts its participants go through the various kinds of questions that specifically pertain to Africa. This creates a big opportunity to make them realize their overall knowledge in term of geographical location.
  • Participating in such kind of quiz contest also helps a lot in preparing for competitive exams and especially this is beneficial for those who are leading the student life.

In contemporary time, quiz contest like African countries quiz is organized online due to which taking part in this is quite easy for anyone. Therefore we would like to say our viewers that whenever you can, to participate in quiz contests because this does not only enhance your general knowledge but also boost up your confidence level by making you realize about your accuracy.

Top 10 African Countries Quiz for Kids

Qus: In which city is the Chinese-built headquarters of the African Union?

(a) Lagos (c) Johannesburg
(b) Addis Ababa (d) None of these

Ans: Addis Ababa

Qus: In the following which is Africa’s newest country?

(a) South Sudan (c) Azania
(b) Central African Republic (d) Azawad

Ans: South Sudan

Qus: Where is the biggest movie industry Nollywood?

(a) Nairobi (c) Namibia
(b) Nelspruit (d) Nigeria

Ans: Nigeria

Qus: Who was the first person convicted by the international criminal court?

(a) The architect of apartheid Hendrik Verwoerd (c) Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga
(b) Former British prime minister Tony Blair (d) None of these

Ans: Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga

Qus: Who performed at Zimbabwe’s independence day celebrations in 1980?

(a) Bono (c) Tracy Chapman
(b) Bob Marley (d) Paul Simon

Ans: Bob Marley

Qus: In the following who was the first black president of South Africa?

(a) Nelson Mandela (c) Thabo Mbeki
(b) Jacob Zuma (d) Cyril Ramaphosa

Ans: Nelson Mandela

Qus: Which former DJ came to power in a 2009 coup in Madagascar?

(a) Wally Za (c) Papa Wemba
(b) Andry Rajoelina (d) Fela Kuti

Ans: Andry Rajoelina

Qus: In the following who is Africa’s longest-serving leader?

(a) Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea (c) Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya
(b) Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (d) Nelson Mandela of South Africa

Ans: Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea

Qus: This five-thousand-year-old country is where the Nile river flows into the Mediterranean?

(a) Egypt (c) Sudan
(b) Ethiopia (d) Libya

Ans: Egypt

Qus: Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro, is located which country?

(a) Tanzania (c) Zambia
(b) Uganda (d) Mozambique

Ans: Tanzania

Important African Countries Quiz List for Quiz

Qus: What is the name of the country with 11 official languages granted the right to vote to all citizens somewhat recently in 1994?

(a) Zambia (c) Burundi
(b) South Africa (d) Zimbabwe

Ans: South Africa

Qus: Which of the following is the largest country in Africa by area?

(a) Venice (c) Algeria
(b) Tunisia (d) None of above

Ans: Algeria

Qus: In the following what is the capital of Sudan country?

(a) Asmara (c) Khartoum
(b) Dodoma (d) Dar es Saloom

Ans: Khartoum

Qus: In the following what is the capital of Ethiopia country?

(a) Dodoma (c) Djibouti
(b) Addis Ababa (d) Kampala

Ans: Addis Ababa

Qus: Which is the longest river in Africa?

(a) Niger River (c) Congo River
(b) Zambezi (d) Nile River

Ans: Nile River

Qus: How many countries are there in the continent of Africa?

(a) 65 (c) 50
(b) 54 (d) 51

Ans: 54

Qus: In the following what is the capital of Kenya?

(a) Algeria (c) Asmara
(b) Kampala (d) Nairobi

Ans: Nairobi

Qus: In the following what is the capital of Somalia?

(a) Mogadishu (c) Addis Ababa
(b) Khartoum d) Kigali

Ans: Mogadishu

Qus: In the following which country in Africa has the longest coastline?

(a) Somalia (c) Ivory Coast
(b) Libya d) South Africa

Ans: Somalia

Qus: Which one of the following is not a landlocked country in Africa?

(a) Nigeria (c) Lesotho
(b) Zambia (d) Botswana

Ans: Nigeria

Qus: Which of the following rivers in Africa crosses the Equator twice?

(a) Orange (c) Congo
(b) Zambezi (d) Nile

Ans: Congo

Qus: Which of the following is the southernmost tip of Africa?

(a) Cape Agulhas (c) Cape Horn
(b) Cape Capricorn (d) Cape of Good Hope

Ans: Cape Agulhas

Qus: Which of the following separates Africa from Europe?

(a) Mediterranean Sea (c) Suez Canal
(b) Red Sea (d) Arabian Sea

Ans: Mediterranean Sea

Qus: Which of the following is the capital of newly-formed country South Sudan?

(a) Rumbek (c) Juba
(b) Nimule (d) Boma

Ans: Juba

Qus: Which of the following is the largest lake in Africa?

(a) Lake Tanganyika (c) Lake Chad
(b) Lake Nakuru (d) Lake Victoria

Ans: Lake Victoria

Qus: Which of the following African countries is the leading producer of gold in the world?

(a) Sudan (c) South Africa
(b) Ivory Coast (d) Zimbabwe

Ans: South Africa

Qus: In the following which country is the smallest an area in the African continent?

(a) Seychelles (c) Tunisia
(b) South Sudan (d) Botswana

Ans: Seychelles

Qus: Which country is the largest producer of tea in the African continent?

(a) Kenya (c) Tanganyika
(b) Nigeria (d) South Africa

Ans: Kenya

Common African Countries Quiz or African Countries Trivia Quiz

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