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Importance of Australia Map Quiz & Australia Geography Questions for Kids, Students or Peoples:

Qus: In the following which one is the biggest continent in the world?

(a) South America (c) Asia
(b) Europe (d) Africa

Ans: Asia

Qus: What is the name of Australia national animal?

(a) Black Panther (c) Kangaroo
(b) Elephant (d) Tiger

Ans: Kangaroo

Qus: Australia national bird name is?

(a) Golden eagle (c) Nightingale
(b) Emu (d) Peacock

Ans: Emu

Qus: In following Australia is located between which two Ocean?

(a) Pacific & Atlantic (c) Pacific & Arctic
(b) Pacific & Indian (d) Atlantic & Indian

Ans: Pacific & Indian

Qus: Name the capital of Australia?

(a) Perth (c) Canberra
(b) Brisbane (d) Sydney

Ans: Canberra

Qus: How many states are there in Australia?

(a) Four (c) Six
(b) Five (d) Seven

Ans: Six

Qus: In the following which one is the highest peak in mainland Australia?

(a) Mount Kosciuszko (c) Mount Zeil
(b) Mount Townsend (d) Mount Ossa

Ans: Mount Kosciuszko

Qus: In the following which one is the largest state in Australia by area?

(a) South Australia (c) Northern Territory
(b) Queensland (d) Western Australia

Ans: Western Australia

Qus: In the following where is the capital of Tasmania state?

(a) Sydney (c) Hobart
(b) Brisbane (d) Melbourne

Ans: Hobart

Qus: Name the biggest city of Australia by population?

(a) Adelaide (c) Sydney
(b) Perth (d) Melbourne

Ans: Sydney

Qus: In the following which is the longest river in Australia?

(a) Cooper Creek (c) Murray River
(b) Darling River (d) Yarra River

Ans: Murray River

Qus: Which one of the following is the tallest waterfall in Australia?

(a) Dandongadale Falls (c) Dandahra Falls
(b) Wallaman Falls (d) Katoomba Falls

Ans: Wallaman Falls

Qus: Which one of the following is the largest island in the maritime borders of Australia?

(a) Flinders Island (c) Tasmania
(b) Melville Island (d) Bathurst Island

Ans: Tasmania

Qus: Length of the coastline of mainland Australia is?

(a) 35,877 km (c) 12,889 km
(b) 32,000 km (d) 30,000 km

Ans: 35,877 km

Qus: What is the height of Wallaman falls?

(a) 836 ft (255 m) (c) 879 ft (268 m)
(b) 787 ft (240 m) (d) 800 ft (244 m)

Ans: 879 ft (268 m)

Qus: Melbourne city is the capital of which state?

(a) Queensland (c) Victoria
(b) Tasmania (d) London

Ans: Victoria

Qus: In which one of the following years did Melbourne host the Olympic Games?

(a) 1950 (c) 1956
(b) 1955 (d)1960

Ans: 1956

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Qus: Lake Disappointment is located in which of the following state?

(a) Perth (c) Sydney
(b) Western Australia (d) Melbourne

Ans: Western Australia

Qus: Name the first women who sail solo around the world non-stop?

(a) Kay Cottee (c) Jessica Watson
(b) Lisa Darmanin (d) Adrienne Cahalan

Ans: Kay Cottee

Qus: Australia first participates in the Winter Olympics Games in which year?

(a) 1932 (c) 1930
(b) 1935 (d) 1936

Ans: 1936

Qus: Name the highest peak in the Northern Territory?

(a) Mount Ossa (c) Mount Woodroffe
(b) Mount Zeil (d) Mount Meharry

Ans: Mount Zeil

Qus: How many teams are in the Australian Football League?

(a) 15 (c) 18
(b) 16 (d) 20

Ans: 18

Qus: In the following who founded Australia’s first commercial brewery?

(a) Cyril Callister (c) James Squire
(b) Rupert Murdoch (d) None of these

Ans: James Squire

Qus: What is the original name of Tasmania State?

(a) French Polynesia (c) Norfolk Island
(b) Van Diemen’s Land (d) Cook Islands

Ans: Van Diemen’s Land

Qus: Name the first woman who was elected in an Australian parliament?

(a) Edith Cowan (c) Catryna Bilyk
(b) Michaelia Cash (d) Carol Brown

Ans: Edith Cowan

Qus: Name the first European explorer who discovers Australia?

(a) Vasco da Gama (c) Willem Janszoon
(b) Francis Drake (d) John Cabot

Ans: Willem Janszoon

List of Geography Questions for Students

Qus: In the following which one is the capital city of South Australia (SA)?

(a) Victoria (c) Adelaide
(b) Melbourne (d) Perth

Ans: Adelaide

Qus: Who was the first Australian Prime Minister in the following?

(a) George Reid (c) Billy Hughes
(b) Edmund Barton (d) Alfred Deakin

Ans: Edmund Barton

Qus: In the following which one is the capital city of Western Australia?

(a) Melbourne (c) Perth
(b) Gold Coast (d) Canberra

Ans: Perth

Qus: which one in the following is the capital city of New South Wales (NSW)?

(a) Brisbane (c) Melbourne
(b) Sydney (d) Perth

Ans: Sydney

Qus: Where would you find the Bungle Bungles and the Pinnacles?

(a) Melbourne (c) Brisbane
(b) Western Australia (WA) (d) New South Wales

Ans: Western Australia (WA)

Qus: In which state the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house located?

(a) Victoria (c) Northern Territory
(b) Western Australia (d) New South Wales

Ans: New South Wales

Qus: Where is the Daintree Rainforest?

(a) Hobart (c) Queensland
(b) Tasmania (d) Victoria

Ans: Queensland

Qus: Where is the Barossa Valley and the Head of the Bight located?

(a) New South Wales (c) Western Australia
(b) South Australia (d) Queensland

Ans: South Australia

Qus: Where is the Kakadu National Park is located?

(a) Northern Territory (NT) (c) Brisbane
(b) South Australia (d) New South Wales (NSW)

Ans: Northern Territory (NT

Qus: In which of the following State you find the Cadbury Chocolate Factory?

(a) Victoria (c) Hobart
(b) Tasmania (d) Brisbane

Ans: Tasmania

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Qus: In the following which one is the national flower of Australia?

(a) Rose (c) Eucalyptus
(b) Waratah (d) Golden wattle

Ans: Golden wattle

Qus: What is the national animal of Australia?

(a) Tiger (c) Black Panther
(b) Red kangaroo (d) Elephant

Ans: Red kangaroo

Qus: What is the total land area of Australia?

(a) 6.666 million km² (c) 5.6 million km²
(b) 7.692 million km² (d) 8.92 million km²

Ans: 7.692 million km²

Qus: What is the Population of Australia?

(a) 6.43 cr (c) 3.44 cr
(b) 2.41 cr (d) 5.41 cr

Ans: 2.41 cr

Qus: In Australia how many time zone are there?

(a) One (c) Two
(b) Three (d) Four

Ans: Three

Qus: In the following which animal is known as the Laughing jacks in Australia?

(a) Elephant (c) Lion
(b) Kookaburra (d) Kangaroo

Ans: Kookaburra

Qus: What is the most spoken language in Australia?

(a) Italian (c) Arabic
(b) English (d) Mandarin

Ans: English

Qus: In the following which one is the original inhabitant of Australia?

(a) Indians (c) Maoris
(b) Europeans (d) Australian Aborigines

Ans: Australian Aborigines

Qus: In the following the longest river in Australia is?

(a) Thames River (c) Nile River
(b) Murry River (d) Mississippi River

Ans: Murry River

Qus: In the following name the smallest continent in the world?

(a) Antarctica (c) Asia
(b) Europe (d) Australia

Ans: Australia

Important Australia Geography Quiz Questions Answers

Qus: Australia is officially known by which name?

(a) Australia (c) The Commonwealth of Australia
(b) Republic of Australia (d) United State of Australia

Ans: The Commonwealth of Australia

Qus: In Australia where would you find the ‘Big Pineapple’?

(a) Melbourne (c) Nambour
(b) Perth (d) Brisbane

Ans: Nambour

Qus: In 1937, which royal blue luxury train started running between Sydney and Melbourne?

(a) The Ghan (c) Indian Pacific
(b) The Spirit of Progress (d) None of these

Ans: The Spirit of Progress

Qus: In which place Australia’s first atomic test held?

(a) Monte Bello Islands (c) Maralinga
(b) Emu Field (d) ) None of these

Ans: Monte Bello Islands

Qus: Who is the inventor of Stump Jump plough?

(a) Richard Bowyer Smith (c) David Warren
(b) Graeme Clark (d) James Harrison

Ans: Richard Bowyer Smith

Qus: In the following which one is Australia’s first Labor Prime Minister?

(a) Andrew Fisher (c) John Christian Watson
(b) William Hughes (d) James Scullin

Ans: John Christian Watson

Qus: In the following what is a bustard?

(a) An Australian bird (c) An Australian animal
(b) An Australian food (d) An Australian city

Ans: An Australian bird

Qus: What was the full name of Ben Chifley’s?

(a) Joseph Benedict Chifley (c) Jockey Benedict Chifley
(b) John Benedict Chifley (d) Jack Bone Chifley

Ans: Joseph Benedict Chifley

Qus: The full name of C. J. Dennis is?

Ans: Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

Qus: In the following who was Australia’s first Postmaster in 1809?

(a) Harry Brown (c) Bede Fanning
(b) Isaac Nichols (d) Robert Scott

Ans: Isaac Nichols

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