Best Friend Quiz Questions and Answers

Best Friend Quiz: List of Best Friend Quiz Questions And Answers

A best friend is a special person in our life, you share a very close bond with his/her. Your best friend is the person with whom you can share so much about your life. it is your best friend with whom you want to share your happiness and sorrow, he/she is always with you when you are in a trouble. In the same way, when your best friend is suffering any trouble, you also help him and go to any extent to make him happy. Your strong friendship defines both of you, friendship is a trustworthy relationship. We can not live our whole life alone and need a trustworthy companion to live happily, whom we call best friends. Friendship is the most valuable asset in someone’s life, which nobody will ever want to lose. Best Friend Quiz Questions is one of the best ways to know about your best friends very well.

Through this post we are giving you the opportunity to know your best friend more, we have presented for you the ‘Best Friend Quiz’. In the ‘Best Friend Quiz’ below, you will be asked a few questions which will be related to your best friend. By answering these question, you will know how much you know your best friend. So let’s play the quiz.

List of Top 10 Common Best Friend Quiz Questions:

Qus: When did you last talk with your best friend?

Qus: What is your best friend favourite colour?

Qus: Do you know when was the last time your best friend got drunk?

Qus: What is the role of your friend when you go on a date?

Qus: Do your best friend share all the secret with you?

Qus: How many years have you known your Best friend?

Qus: Do you know the date of birth of your best friend’s parents?

Qus: What is the colour of your best friend eyes?

Qus: How often do you give gifts to each other?

Qus: What is your friend’s birth date?

List of Important Best Friend Quiz Questions and Answers

Qus: Do you know what is the favourite fruit of your best friend?

Qus: What is the name of your best friend’s parents?

Qus: What is your best friend favourite drink?

Qus: Name the favourite ice-cream flavour of your BF?

Qus: Do you know how to make your best friend laugh every time?

Qus: When you need your best friend, do they help you?

Qus: Do you hate the enemies of your best friend?

Qus: What is the proudest moment of your best friend’s?

Qus: What is your best friend’s phone number?

Frequently Asked Best Friend Quiz Questions

Qus: Do you know your best friend’s first crush name?

Qus: Who is your best friend’s favourite singer?

Qus: Would your best friend answer the phone when you call at 3 am?

Qus: When you are sick, does your best friend come to see you?

Qus: Have you give birthday surprise party to your best friend?

Note: These types of best friend questions frequently asked by the most of the friends to each other prior they meet to the first time.  So, if someone asked you these types of questions it will possible in the near future you are good friends. If you have any kids of doubt query, and questions then you can just mention your query in the comment section and our team quickly response on your query and reply as soon as possible.

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