Eye Anatomy Quiz Questions Answers

Importance of Eye Anatomy Quiz & Anatomy of the Eye Quiz

The eyes are the most benign and most important part of our senses. As is well known that our body has two eyes, the structure of each eye is similar to that of the camera, because as the camera has a lens, the same eye also has a lens, called Crystalline Lens. The eye is the only one that enables us to see the colour in the world around us. The human eye is almost round shape and their diameter is approximately one inch (2.5 centimetres). Eyes are precious gifts of nature, the human eye is a complex structure, it is an organ that gives the man the ultimate inspection. If you are thinking about the functions of the eye. So in this post, our team is presenting important quiz related to your eyes, which will prove useful to you.

List of Important Eye Anatomy Quiz

The eye is a complicated organ made up of several parts. A perfect vision depends on the way in which those parts work together. Have a look this quiz to see how much you know about the anatomy of the eye.

Top 10 Common Eye Anatomy Quiz & Anatomy of the Eye Quiz

Qus: What is the name of the clear layer that sits on top of the eye?
(a) The retina
(b) The Iris
(c) The Conjunctiva
(d) None of these
Ans: The conjunctiva

Qus: Which type of photoreceptor is best able to process bright light and colour?
(a) Rod
(b) Cone
(c) Rhodopsin
(d) Iodopsin
Ans: cone

Qus: Is this true that light first enters the eye through the cornea.
(a) True
(b) False
Ans: True

Qus: A “cataract” is an opacification of which eye structure?
(a) Crystalline lens
(b) Cornea
(c) Iris
(d) Conjunctiva
Ans: Crystalline lens

Qus: What is the work of the iris in the eye?
(a) Regulates the amount of light entering the eye
(b) Carries visual messages from the retina to the brain
(c) Gives central vision
(d) Converts light into electrical impulses
Ans: Regulates the amount of light entering the eye

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