GMAT Test Dates Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility

About the GMAT Test Dates 2018-2019: Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

The GMAT exam is most popular and one of the very competitive entrance exams are allowed finding and comparing all eligible candidates who will succeed in your curriculum. GMAT exam is the most trusted and it is conducted by business schools for numerous business schools in all over the country. The GMAT entrance test provides admissions officers with admission to an interested and allows them to compare candidates so they can build a healthy and successful class. The GMAT exam 2018-2019 is generally used by more than 2,000 colleges and universities all around the world including United State; it is backed by more than 30 years of testing proficiency and decades of peer-reviewed examine with hundreds of strength studies in the last couple of years alone. Because the upcoming GMAT test exam was conducted in warm alliance with the faculty of various graduate management programs, every interested candidate can rest assured that our knowledge and proficiency will deliver results for you. The GMAT entrance exam is designed to check skills that are very important to various business and management programs. The GMAT exam is designed basically for finding & measuring a test taker’s skills, and ability because various types of skills, and ability is necessary for management students to succeed in this fields.

Register for the GMAT Exam 2018-2019

In the present time, thousands of students around all over the world take the GMAT every year and they prepare to apply to various business school or colleges. If you’re one of them and planning to apply GMAT test 2018-2019, how do you easily register for this important entrance test? Now in this article, we guide you through the full upcoming and updated GMAT registration process, step by step. So you don’t make any mistakes whenever you try to apply GMAT Test.

GMAT Exam Pattern & Timing 2018-2019

The GMAT entrance exam is most popular computer adaptive test (CAT), which is a digital version of a written exam. The GMAT exams format includes four key sections that are scored individually these four key sections are mention below;

GMAT Test Section # of Questions Timing
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions 30 Minutes
Quantitative 37 Questions 75 Minutes
Verbal 41 Questions 75 Minutes
Total Exam Time 3hrs, 30 minutes

GMAT Test Date 2018-2019

Those people who want to take the GMAT test are certainly the subject for earning knowledge about the possible GMAT test dates. In the current, most of the students want to migrate to overseas countries like the USA which demands special attention to fulfil the eligibility criteria and another involved process for admission in colleges situated in the USA. Another important thing for students is that they should the full meaning of GMAT which addresses to the Graduate Management Aptitude Test. It is organized at international level for choosing the deserving international students who carry wish for taking admission in colleges located in the USA. GMAT is conducted by GMAC i.e. Graduate Management Admission Council throughout the year. It serves as the gateway to get entrance in foreign country’s institutions and universities. On the basis of this exam, students receive an allowance to pursue the MBA degree course.

Students are usually seen to ask for GMAT test dates which seem too chaotic to them. However, GMAT aspirants should have the clarities in term of test dates associated with GAMT and also how many times they are eligible to take this test. Choosing the appropriate date for the test is the most indispensable step towards initiating the admission in the business schools in the USA. Most often GMAT test is administered on demand basis most days of the year. There is no any stipulated GMAT test date till yet. Many of GMAT test centres provide the test probably every day of the year. Thus students may select almost any date and time as their convenience. Although some of the test centres don’t open on Sunday or holidays, so you will be required to check out test centres available in your location to have the knowledge about GMAT schedule.
Apart from these, students are required to follow the registration process to decide the GMAT test date. The registration for GMAT test may be executed by online or via phone irrespective of the specific location from six months to 24 hours prior to the test date. In case, students have decided to implement the registration process by mail then their request must arrive at least 10 days ago to their preferred test date.

As far as selecting the right GMAT test date is concerned students may focus over it taking few things into their consideration that they need to be strategic and need to be confirmed that what date has been selected to take test combines your comfort in all ways. Another significant thing is that students must think that their selected GMAT test date should not fall around the holidays or other special days otherwise it may give rise to the situation of distraction for them. This will lead to an unsatisfactory level of preparation which might hinder them from scoring good marks. GMAT scores are an important factor for getting entrance in the topmost business schools located in the USA. Thus it is necessary for GMAT aspirants to have the exact data about GMAT test dates.

GMAT Exam Scores 2018

A good GMAT test score is very important if you want to get into a top business school in your desired colleges and universities. You can able to get your GMAT Exam Scores after taking the particular test, and then you will receive five scores, these are based on

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment,
  2. Integrated Reasoning,
  3. Quantitative,
  4. Verbal,

But the GMAT is much more than just a score. If you have taking GMAT exam; now it will let you display your education skills to the right schools and with the help of that, you can prepare for the first-day class.

How to Prepare for the Upcoming GMAT 2018-2019 Entrance Exams

Planning for GMAT entrance exams preparation? Here we will try to provide few most useful preparation tips. Because lots of queries we found every day related to GMAT exams like; I hadn’t taken a standardized test and so many more. Here are some most important and beneficial GMAT preparation tips; hopefully they will surely help you.

  • Make a plan for an appropriate time to take the GMAT test
  • Immediately start your studying with a good plan.
  • Collect the all necessary and appropriate study materials for GMAT exams.
  • Try to understand what is the right format and structure of the test
  • Always try to be familiar with the study timing.
  • Take the huge benefits of the course materials which is provided by the lots of test makers
  • Try to learn the most frequently tested concepts of previous GMAT Test
  • Always be aware of your any types of weaknesses or strong points.
  • More Practice, everyday practice, and always practice!
  • Simulate the GMAT test experience from experience peoples.
  • Always try to find the best way to know what to expect is to get details from the actual makers of the test.

Note: One of the most important things is that always being relaxed and confident on test day it is one of the important keys to doing well on the upcoming GMAT entrance exams.

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