LSAT Test Scores 2018-2019

Quick Information About the LSAT Test Scores 2018-2019

If you interested to become a lawyer and looking for higher study in law school/colleges in the United State of America? And that time, if you answer is yes, then here is the right place for you because here in this article we will discuss the LSAT Test, LSAT Test Dates 2018-2019, and LSAT Scores etc. in a complete way. The LSAT is commonly known as the “Law School Admission Test” and it is conducted by the Law School Admission Council of United  State. The LSAT test is generally conducted to measure the student’s various skills such as educational capability, analytical, reasoning, logical, and reading comprehension skills etc. The test is mostly held four different times in a whole year at the specified test centres across the world including the United States. Those eligible students who are interested to aspire and pursue the law studies in different foreign countries are liable to appear at this particular entrance exam. The every LSAT candidates are compulsory to collect all the necessary information regarding the whole events that LSAT test combines. The LSAT test 2018-2019 is generally organized four times in a year and it is usually held in the month of February, June September or October. Now in the following, we will discuss LSAT Score 2018-2019.

LSAT Scores 2018-2019

If you looking for LSAT Scores, you can easily find the LSAT score which is totally based on your total number of questions answered correctly (it is raw scores). The important thing is, there is no single point deduction for any single incorrect answers. The raw test scores are totally converted to an LSAT scale ranges (120 to 180), the 120 is the minimum possible test score and 180 is the maximum possible test score. The most important vital details of your law school application are your undergrad GPA test score and LSAT test score. The LSAT entrance test was designed to determine how likely every interested student are to succeed in law school. So, we can say the LSAT test scores offer the top low schools/colleges.

What is a Good LSAT Test Scores?

What is a good LSAT Scores? It is one of the common questions asked by the several applicants if you are on them and still have any kinds of the doubt just visit for what is a good LSAT Scores. Your upcoming test score is a vital factor in determining where you go to top law colleges/school. The Law school admission committees look at your achieved LSAT test score and determine if you have to get the required test scores you can able to get admission to top law colleges. So, we can say, a good LSAT scores 2018-2019 are very important because the maximum LSAT test scores provide best law colleges/schools. But, the important thing is LSAT Test Score is, it has not passed or failed scores. If you achieve a good LSAT score then you should easily contact or apply for the top law colleges/schools.

Best Scores (Top LSAT Scores)
Scaled Score: 164 to 180
Better Scores (Competitive LSAT Scores)
Scaled Score: 159 to 163
Good Scores (Good Enough LSAT Scores)
Scaled Score: 152 to 158

What is a Bad LSAT Test Scores?

How LSAT Test Scoring Works?

Now it is time to review your LSAT test score, the raw test scores are translated into a final test score and it’s ranging from 120 points to 180 points. The median score is 151, with a test score of 172 points generally representing the 99th percentile of all test-takers students. The LSAT scoring is totally based on your performance on four multiple choice sections of the exam:

(1) Reading Comprehension section

(1) Analytical Reasoning section (Logic Games)

(2) Logical Reasoning sections

How to Get LSAT Test Scores 2018-2019

It is one of the of another common question asked by the LSAT applicants. If you have any doubt regarding how to get your test scores? Here we provide quick and useful information for it. If you recently take your LSAT test 2018 and waiting for its final scores, The LSAC will release your test score 2018, only through the email and also the postal mail so please check your email address time to time and also check your account where you can receive your LSAT test score punctually. Your upcoming LSAT Score Report includes several things like;

  • Students updated the current score
  • All tests result
  • an average score
  • Students score band and
  • Applicants percentile rank
When Do LSAT Scores Come Out?
If you have already take your LSAT test and waiting for its test scores, here we mention some useful information which is very beneficial for you. Every LSAT exams takers who have its account ( will able to automatically receive their test scores by email notification almost couple of weeks after taking the LSAT entrance test. This is one of the common and quickest or easiest ways to get your LSAT score, and important thing is that there are no additional fee charges. So, here we suggest you please time to time check your email address or you can also check your current account. Because without online LSAT accounts, LSAC will try to send score reports by mail just around the four weeks after each test.

What is LSAT Test Scores Range?

The LSAT test scores on a scale is 120 to 180 points and the average test score range is about 150 points, if you are interested and looking to get into one of the top 30 law colleges/schools, your LSAT test score should be well over the 160 points. There are maximum 100 unique test questions and each correct answer for one point of student’s raw test scores. This raw test scores range is 0 to 101 which is converted into a test score ranging 120-180 (120 is minimum and 180 score is maximum) for example, if your raw score is 99 out of 101it would usually translate into a 180.

Complete LSAT Score Range 120 to 180
Lowest Possible Score: 120
Perfect Test Score: 180
Average Test Score: 150

LSAT Test Scoring for the Multiple-Choice Sections

Preparation for Good LSAT Test Scores?