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A Microscope words came from the Ancient Greek word: μικρός, mikrós, “small” and σκοπεῖν, skopeîn, “to look” or “see”. The microscope is most popular and very useful an instrument which is generally used to see different types of objects that are the too small size and we can’t be seen it without the naked eye. In the present time, there are various types of microscopes in the world for a different purpose, and they may be grouped in different ways. The most popular and commonly accessible microscope is the optical microscope (and the first to be invented), Other popular & major types of microscopes are the fluorescence microscope, the electron microscope and various types of scanning probe microscopes. However, Microscope is mostly used in science work but basic knowledge of Microscope is very important for every student. If you think you have gained enough knowledge about Microscope instrument? Now time to recheck your knowledge with the help of Microscope Parts Quiz, Parts of Microscope Quiz, or Microscope and Functions Quiz. Now get the huge list of Microscope questions answers and increase your basic knowledge of Microscope.

Common Questions Asked by the Users:

  1. What are the functions of a microscope?
  2. What power microscope to see bacteria?
  3. What was the first microscope?
  4. What are the parts of a microscope and their functions?
  5. What are the different parts of a microscope?

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Microscope Parts Quiz

Qus: Which of the following is also known as the name of eyepiece of a microscope?
(a) Optical                                         (b) Orange
(c) Oncological                                  (d) Ocular
Ans: Ocular

Qus: lens found in the hole of the stage that concentrates light?
(a) Condenser                                (b) Body tube
(c) Diaphragm                               (d) Stage clips
Ans: Condenser

Qus: What is the other name of light source of a microscope?
(a) Sun                                          (b) Light bulb
(c) Illuminator                              (d) Flashlight
Ans: Illuminator

Qus: What are stage clips in a microscope?
(a) Metal clips that hold the slides in place
(b) Plastic clips that hold the lenses in place
(c) Rubber clips that hold the arm in place
(d) Wooden clips that hold the stage in place
Ans: Metal clips that hold the slides in place

Qus: Which of the following part of a microscope holds the objective lenses?
(a) Eyepiece                                              (b) Nosepiece
(c) Mouthpiece                                          (d) Earpiece
Ans: Nosepiece

Qus: What part of a microscope allows you to adjust the amount of light that shines through?
(a) Adjustable diaphragm                               (b) Adjustable lung
(c) Adjustable stomach                                   (d) Adjustable heart
Ans: Adjustable diaphragm

Qus: What is the recommended part of the microscope to hold when transporting it?
(a) Eyepiece                                            (b) Stage
(c) Slide                                                  (d) Arm
Ans: Arm

Qus: Which one of the following part of the microscope is called contains the ocular lens?
(a) Objective Lense                                (b) Eyepiece
(c) Nosepeice                                          (d) Base
Ans: Eyepiece

Qus: Which part supports the microscope?
(a) Objective lense                                  (b) Stage
(c) Base                                                   (d) Diaphragm
Ans: Base

Parts Of A Microscope Quiz

Qus: In the following which part of the microscope supports the slide being viewed?
(a) Arm                                                  (b) Diaphragm
(c) Stage                                                 (d) Nosepiece
Ans: Stage

Qus: Which part of the microscope regulates the amount of light on the specimen?
(a) Light source                                         (b) Diaphragm
(c) Pointers tip                                           (d) Stage Clips
Ans: Diaphragm

Qus: In the following which part of the microscope holds the slide in place?
(a) Stage clips                                             (b) Arm
(c) Stage                                                      (d) Base
Ans: Stage clips

Qus: In our classroom which type of microscope we use?
(a) Single Lens                                              (b) Electron
(c) Compound                                               (d) None of these
Ans: Compound

Qus: What power do you start with, when using a microscope?
(a) Medium                                                  (b) Low
(c) High                                                       (d) None of these
Ans: Low

Qus: You should always carry the microscope by which of the following?
(a) Arm and body tube                                    (b) Arm and base
(c) The objectives                                           (d) Arm only
Ans: Arm and base

Parts Of Microscope Quiz

Parts Of The Microscope Quiz
Microscope Parts And Functions Quiz

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