Political Quiz Quizzes Answers

Importance of Political Quiz Quizzes Answers

What is politics? The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of politics is the government, leader and policies created by them, which has some positive policies and some negative. Some even give the name of politics to corruption and dirty tricks. But this time we try to discuss about importance of Political Quiz questions or Political Quizzes.

Through this post, we are providing you information related to Politics, which is very essential for your Politics knowledge, but before this, come know what is politics? Politics, which came from the Greek word “polis”,that means state or community. The main concept of the word “police” was of an ideal state, the great political ‘Plato’ has described an ideal state in its novel “The Republic”. That is, the main task of politics was to create an ideal state. The politics of a country means that there are activities related to the administration of that country, under which, the governing government makes certain rules and policies for the people of their country. To stay in politics the government needs to work in the public interest. Through this post, you are being given political information related to politics, under which political parties have worked for the benefit of the public.

List of Important Political Quiz Quizzes Answers

Qus: In the following which famous Leader was hanged to death in December 2006?
(a) Pervez Musharraf (b) Saddam Hussein
(c) Rajeev Gandhi (d) Osama Bin Laden
Ans: Saddam Hussein

Qus: When did Gandhiji launch the Quit India movement?
(a) 9th August 1942 (b) 9th August 1940
(c) 9th August 1944 (d) 9th August 1938
Ans: 9th August 1942

Qus: Who was in office as President of the United States when the decision was taken to declare war on Germany during World War I?
(a) Aneurin Bevin (b) Bismarck
(c) Woodrow Wilson (d) Isabel Peron
Ans: Woodrow Wilson

Qus: Who was the architect of the British National Health Service?
(a) Isabel Peron (b) Aneurin Bevin
(c) Genghis Khan (d) Woodrow Wilson
Ans: Aneurin Bevin

Qus: Who was hailed as the founder of the Mongol Empire?
(a) Genghis Khan (b) Aneurin Bevin
(c) Rasputin (d) Bismarck
Ans: Genghis Khan

Qus: Which British statesman led his party to victory in the 1959 elections on the slogan ‘You have never had it so good’?
(a) Bismarck (b) Harold Macmillan
(c) Isabel Peron (d) Woodrow Wilson
Ans: Harold Macmillan

Qus: Which Canadian newspaper magnate held important Government Offices in England during World War 1st and World War 2nd?
(a) Ottawa and Pontiac Advertiser (b) Times
(c) Argus (d) Lord Beaverbrook
Ans: Lord Beaverbrook

Qus: Who, at the age of forty three, became the world’s first female President and the youngest Head of State :in Latin America in the seventies?
(a) Michelle Bachelet (b) Isabel Peron
(c) Hillary Clinton (d) Cristina Fernandez
Ans: Isabel Peron

Qus: Who was the 18th century Irish politician who was called the Liberator?
(a) Isabel Peron (b) Daniel O’Connell
(c) Cristina Fernandez (d) Hillary Clinton
Ans: Daniel O’Connell

Qus: Which two men were awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 1993?
(a) Shimon Peres, Rigoberta Menchú (b) Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk
(c) Yitzhak Rabin, Aung San Suu Kyi (d) None of these
Ans: Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk

Qus: Who was a founder of the Organisation of African Unity?
(a) Dr Kwame Nkrumah (b) Thabo Mbeki
(c) Julius Nyerere (d) Haile Selassie
Ans: Haile Selassie

Qus: Who was the President of the NUM at the time of the strikes in the 1980s?(National Union of Mineworkers)
(a) Joe Gormley (b) Nicky Wilson
(c) Ian Lavery (d) Arthur Scargill
Ans: Arthur Scargill

Qus: Who was the first Prime Minister of the State of Israel?
(a) Levi Eshkol (b) David Ben-Gurion
(c) Golda Meir (d) Moshe Sharett
Ans: David Ben-Gurion

Qus: Who was known as the Iron Chancellor?
(a) Golda Meir (b) Bismarck
(c) Nicky Wilson (d) Joe Gormley
Ans: Bismarck

Qus: What were the early occupations of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini?
(a) Teacher and Journalist (b) Writer
(c) Farmer (d) Engineer
Ans: Teacher and Journalist

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