States and Capitals Quiz (50 US State and Capital Trivia Questions)

States and Capitals Quiz Questions Answers (Capitals and States Quiz):

State and Capitals Quiz: Different types of quizzes boost up your basic knowledge related to different fields like science, history, economy and geography etc. State and Capitals Quiz is one of the important part of the quiz section and with the help of these States and capitals quizzes you can surely increase your basic knowledge about any state or country. If you wondering 50 State Capitals Quiz in the USA (State and Capitals Quiz)? If your answer is “yes” then you hare in the right place because this time we are here to present an opportunity for everyone to go ahead in this States and capitals questions answers section. You have to join our 50 US states and capitals quiz which will automatically build a useful platform for you to collect basic knowledge on various aspects of all 50 states and capitals of the USA. It is said to be a vital thing to carry the basic trivia knowledge besides your daily life routine work. Our whole team motive is to make up to date every viewer with all the updated & necessary information that relates to the special features of the particular state and its capital. Involving you in the 50 states and capitals quiz of United States will surely help you a lot in different terms like first of all you will find an enjoyable way for collecting the important information associated with the United States and capitals. In these 50 states and capitals quiz, you will find the four different options among which the only option will be the correct to the provided quizzes. Therefore you will be needed to choose as per your sincerity in association with the asked states capitals quiz. If you are given the correct answers, then you would be the focus for rewarding with set points and the same process will be carried out further until the minimum time duration for the U.S. states and capitals quiz gets over.

We all known; such type of situation creates a big confusion and finally, they lose their interest in increasing their trivia knowledge or mental ability. However, it is not a special case as it happens with every person. But different types of quiz games such as; 50 states capitals quiz (State and Capitals Quiz or State and Capital Questions) is such type of a game and any age group of people may participate for an increase of their individual trivia knowledge. For this motive, we would like to powerfully suggest every age of people including student to be the part of our different types of trivia questions answers section like; states and capitals quiz contest and it is one of the amazing opportunity to build their knowledge.

Now visit our U.S. 50 states capitals quiz questions answers to increase your basic trivia knowledge and make yourself capable of cracking different types of competition easily to meet your dream. If you think in you know the tactful way of time managing without compromising the daily work that you have to do every day. Every time truthful attempt never goes in unsuccessful so make states and capitals quiz and some other various types of Trivia Questions Answers as one of the parts of your daily routine life and let your wings be empowered up to the highest level.

List of 10 States and Capitals Quiz Questions Answers (US 50 State and Capitals Quiz):

Qus: What is the state capital of California?

(a) Des Moines (c) Little Rock
(b) Sacramento (d) Oklahoma City

Ans: Sacramento
Qus: Where is the state capital of Arkansas?

(a) Little Rock (c) Dover
(b) Phoenix (d) Atlanta

Ans: Little Rock
Qus: Des Moines is the capital of which state?

(a) Idaho (c) Nevada
(b) Kansas (d) Iowa

Ans: Iowa
Qus: Dover is the capital of which state?

(a) Kansas (c) Montana
(b) Rhode Island (d) Delaware

Ans: Delaware
Qus: What is the capital of Kansas?

(a) Jefferson City (c) Wichita
(b) Topeka (d) Omaha

Ans: Topeka
Qus: Capital city of Jamaica is…?

(a) Nassau (c) Kingston
(b) San Juan (d) Lisbon

Ans: Kingston
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Estonia?

(a) Vilnius (c) Riga
(b) Tallinn (d) St Petersburg

Ans: Tallinn
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Bangladesh?

(a) Yangon (c) Hanoi
(b) Thimphu (d) Dhaka

Ans: Dhaka
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Sudan?

(a) Mogadishu (c) Khartoum
(b) Nairobi (d) Casablanca

Ans: Khartoum
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Nepal?

(a) Kathmandu (c) Islamabad
(b) Colombo (d) Kabul

Ans: Kathmandu
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Cambodia?

(a) Bangkok (c) Beijing
(b) Phnom Penh (d) Ho Chi Minh City

Ans: Phnom Penh
Qus: In the following Augusta is the capital of which state?

(a) Louisiana (c) Wyoming
(b) Idaho (d) Maine

Ans: Maine
Qus: In the following Nashville is the capital of which state?

(a) Alabama (c) Tennessee
(b) North Carolina (d) Texas

Ans: Tennessee
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Argentina?

(a) Buenos Aires (c) Santiago
(b) La Paz (d) Sao Paulo

Ans: Buenos Aires
Qus: Capital city of Switzerland is.. ?

(a) Berlin (c) Belgrade
(b) Brussels (d) Bern

Ans: Bern
Qus: Capital city of Syria is?

(a) Damascus (c) Jerusalem
(b) Amman (d) Tbilisi

Ans: Damascus
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Suriname?

(a) Cayenne (c) Lima
(b) Paramaribo (d) Montevideo

Ans: Paramaribo
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of Morocco?

(a) Casablanca (c) Lisbon
(b) Rabat (d) Freetown

Ans: Rabat
Qus: In the following where is the capital city of France?

(a) Paris (c) Marseille
(b) Berlin (d) Lyon

Ans: Paris
Qus: Capital city of Czech Republic is?

(a) Brussels (c) Warsaw
(b) Prague (d) Budapest

Ans: Prague
Qus: Capital city of Nigeria is?

(a) Abuja (c) Nairobi
(b) Cairo (d) Addis ababa

Ans: Abuja
Qus: Providence is the capital of which one of the following state?

(a) Colorado (c) California
(b) Rhode Island (d) Utah

Ans: Rhode Island

State and Capitals Quiz (List of Important State and Capital Quiz Questions Answers):

Qus: Hartford is the capital of which state?

(a) Connecticut (c) Maine
(b) Illinois (d) Utah

Ans: Connecticut
Qus: In the following Boise is the capital of which state?

(a) Idaho (c) Wyoming
(b) Arizona (d) Tennessee

Ans: Idaho
Qus: In the following Concord is the capital of which state?

(a) Oregon (c) New Hampshire
(b) Idaho (d) New Jersey

Ans: New Hampshire
Qus: In the following Topeka is the capital of which state?

(a) Kansas (c) Arizona
(b) Minnesota (d) West Virginia

Ans: Kansas
Qus: In the following which one is the capital of Cuba?

(a) Saint John’s (c) Basseterre
(b) Havana (d) Canberra

Ans: Havana

State and Capitals Quiz (List of 50 US State and Capital Quiz Questions and Answers):

Name of State Abr State Hood Capital
Alaska AK 1959 Juneau
Alabama AL 1819 Montgomery
Arkansas AR 1836 Little Rock
Arizona AZ 1912 Phoenix
California CA 1850 Sacramento
Colorado CO 1876 Denver
Connecticut CT 1788 Hartford
Delaware DE 1787 Dover
Florida FL 1845 Tallahassee
Georgia GA 1788 Atlanta
Hawaii HI 1959 Honolulu
Iowa IA 1846 Des Moines
Idaho ID 1890 Boise
Illinois IL 1818 Springfield
Indiana IN 1816 Indianapolis
Kansas KS 1861 Topeka
Kentucky KY 1792 Frankfort
Louisiana LA 1812 Baton Rouge
Massachusetts MA 1788 Boston
Maryland MD 1788 Annapolis
Maine ME 1820 Augusta
Michigan MI 1837 Lansing
Minnesota MN 1858 Saint Paul
Missouri MO 1821 Jefferson City
Mississippi MS 1817 Jackson
Montana MT 1889 Helena
North Carolina NC 1789 Raleigh
North Dakota ND 1889 Bismarck
Nebraska NE 1867 Lincoln
New Hampshire NH 1788 Concord
New Jersey NJ 1787 Trenton
New Mexico NM 1912 Santa Fe
Nevada NV 1864 Carson City
New York NY 1788 Albany
Ohio OH 1803 Columbus
Oklahoma OK 1907 Oklahoma City
Oregon OR 1859 Salem
Pennsylvania PA 1787 Harrisburg
Rhode Island RI 1790 Providence
South Carolina SC 1788 Columbia
South Dakota SD 1889 Pierre
Tennessee TN 1796 Nashville
Texas TX 1845 Austin
Utah UT 1896 Salt Lake City
Virginia VA 1788 Richmond
Vermont VT 1791 Montpelier
Washington WA 1889 Olympia
Wisconsin WI 1848 Madison
West Virginia WV 1863 Charleston
Wyoming WY 1890 Cheyenne

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