TOEFL Test Dates Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

About the TOEFL Test Dates 2018-2019: Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a very common entrance test for interested students. Recently, TOEFL test dates 2018-2019 have been announced, therefore those interested students who aspire to take upcoming TOEFL test are suggested to go through this web article in right way. This type of entrance test is generally offered to measure the English knowledge & skills of the international (worldwide) students. Every student who wants to take an admission in the colleges which are located in the United State of America (USA) is required to take this particular entrance exam. Here we have tried to point out the probable TOEFL test dates. If you are also one of the interested applicants then you can get complete & detailed information that you accurately required to know, so that you need to create a reasonable level of your homework to achieve easily admission in your favourite college in the all over the USA and another country like Australia, and the UK.

Now before describing, we would like to have a discussion a bit concerning what the TOEFL entrance test is? In general terms, TOEFL stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language” which is generally conducted by the various colleges & universities located in the USA, Australia and UK etc. It is said to be two important English-language tests in all over the world but here is the question arises in our mind regarding TOEFL test dates which are the most important subject for TOEFL applicants. It mostly consists of four different sections that include

  1.  Listening,
  2. Reading,
  3. Speaking and
  4. Writing.


TOEFL test scores are generally valid for two years. It is compulsory for every TOEFL entrance test applicants to about its upcoming test dates so that they can easily decide it according to their expediency. Therefore in the current article, our team tried to keep you updated with all necessary information of upcoming TOEFL exam dates 2018-2019 among which applicants may select as their obligation. The TOEFL test is held approximately more than fifty times in all over the year. According to the further details regarding the TOEFL test, it has been reported that this test is most often conducted in the last days of weeks (such as Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays). The TOEFL applicants may have a look at the upcoming test dates at the time of test registration for TOEFL test. However, for the expediency of our regular viewers, we have to try to our best possible provides quick information about TOEFL test dates 2018-2019 information.

TOEFL test dates 2018-2019 are considered as a necessary thing because after knowing the upcoming test dates, most of the students may think about the important preparation that they actually required to preparing themselves to crack the entrance test. In the present era, we all know that this is a hugely competitive world which addresses the different types of challenges while it comes to achieving the specific target of the career. In this time most of the interested students want to take an admission in the most popular and well-ranked colleges located in the USA and other various countries. The TOEFL test 2018-2019 is one of the common testing ways to test the English language proficiency of interested applicants.

TOEFL Eligibility Criteria 2018-2019

The TOEFL test does not have any required eligibility criteria that a student has to fulfil in order to appear for upcoming TOEFL Test. TOEFL 2018-2019 is an English language proficiency test, easily can be taken by any interested students who wish to study in a foreign land (such as, US, UK, and Australia etc.) to gather international exposure. It is, usually required, taken by applicants for entry into any colleges or universities in some English speaking countries. The TOEFL 2018 is open to every interested student and around 97% candidates opt for the TOEFL format. Generally, a candidate who has passed his/her high school or equivalent diploma holder can take this exam.

TOEFL Registration/Application Form 2018

All the interested applicants aspiring to appear for upcoming TOEFL 2018-2019 have to register themselves very easily. There are four various ways for the TOEFL 2018 application these are;

  1. Online By mail,
  2. By phone and
  3. In person at the TOEFL 2018 test registration centre.

There are lots of different test centres available for every upcoming TOEFL 2018 application. Before registration, an applicant has to first choose the location he/she would like to select for taking the upcoming test exam. The availability of any upcoming TOEFL test dates 2018 will depend on the seat availability at the particular test centre. You can register for the upcoming TOEFL test online on its official website. Important thing is that; online registration/application of TOEFL Exams will be closed seven days before the test is conducted in particular centre.

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2018-2019

In this TOEFL Exam Pattern guide you, To prepare effectively and carked the TOEFL test easily, applicants need to fully understand about the any upcoming TOEFL test pattern such as; how the test structured, what type of questions ask you, and how you can effectively get a high score on this test. The TOEFL exam pattern is very important for every applicant who is interested in the upcoming test. The TOEFL Test contains four main sections these are,

  1. Reading,
  2. Listening,
  3. Speaking and
  4. Writing

You’ll apply one main skill for each section (so on the Reading section you’ll read a passage and on the Listening section you’ll listen to available audio clips), with few various questions or test requiring the use of checking multiple skills. But the important thing is; all the various sections are timed. You’ll always have 20 minutes on Speaking and 50 minutes on Writing.
However, the Reading sections, as well as Listening sections, vary in time duration due to un-scored, experimental quizzes. Reading section ranges from 60 minutes to 80 minutes long while Listening section ranges from 60 minutes to 90 minutes extended. But There will be no one clue telling you which types of quizzes are experimental and which ones aren’t, so in this time we suggest you, don’t spend too much time disquieting about this—just try your best on all questions!

Here we try to cover all the details about the TOEFL test pattern.

Section Duration Questions
Reading 60–80 minutes 36–56 questions
Listening 60–90 minutes 34–51 questions
Break 10 minutes
Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks
Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks