What is My Spirit Animal Quiz, Trivia Questions

Importance of Spirit Animal Quiz Questions

spirit-animal-quizThe power of spirit will guide to help and protects individuals living incarnated human beings. After taking these following Spirit Animal Quiz or your awareness of What is My Spirit Animal Totems and power animals grow. The spirit animal quiz tests spread your knowledge but you believably have lingering questions. Now in this particular article, we are trying to mention a huge number of Spirit Animal Quiz or What is My Spirit Animal Trivia Question or What is My Spirit Animal Quiz Questions. So Read the bellow list of Spirit Animal Quiz and try to give your right answers. Just find a way to honour your spirit animal around your sweet home, school, colleges, office and where you spend your priceless time.

Top 10 Spirit Animal Quiz: What is My Spirit Animal Trivia Question

Q. 1. What is your favourite natural element in the following?
a) Air
b) Earth
c) Fire
d) Water

Q. 2. Which is the more valuable for you?
a) Family
b) Independence
c) Jobs
d) Travelling

Q. 3. Which is the most valuable domestic animal for you?
a) Cow
b) Dog
c) Cat
d) Birds

Q. 4. The “Huge number of people frequently do lots of things without any specific schedule or plan”, What is your opinion about it,
a) Very accurate
b) Fairly accurate
c) inaccurate
d) Not sure

Q. 5. “Generally a huge number of people spend a lot of time observing before any act”, what do you think about it.
a) Very accurate
b) accurate
c) inaccurate
d) Not sure

Q. 6. Do you always looking for several new things to experience?
a) Very Correct
b) Fairly Correct
c) Incorrect
d) I don’t have any idea.

Q. 7. How would you spend your free time?
a) Go Outdoor and Playing any games
b) Building or creating something new
c) Sleeping or Getting together with friends, family etc.
d) Not sure

Q. 8. Which is the following character trait applies to you best?
a) Sensitive
b) Creative
c) Independence
d) Not Sure

Q. 9. What types of music do you listen most?
a) Pop Music
b) Classical Music
c) EDM
d) None of These

Q. 10. Which type of color do you like most?
a) Red Color
b) Blue Color
c) Black color
d) None of These

5 Common Spirit Animal Quiz Questions or Trivia Questions on What is My Spirit Animal

Q. 11. Which is the following dish do you like most?
a) Pizza
b) Salad
c) Burger
d) None of These

Q. 12. Which type of scares you the most?
a) Weakness
b) Failure
c) Illness
d) Not Sure

Q. 13. What do you wants in the weekend night?
a) Sleeping
b) Watching Movies
c) Playing Game
d) Not Sure

Q. 14. Where would you like to go most often in the weekend holidays?
a) Park
b) Mall
c) Anywhere
d) Not Sure

Q. 15. what do you do? if someone tries to take a whole credit for your work.
a) Immediately speak up
b) Speak Later
c) Say Nothing
d) Waiting for right time

List of Important Spirit Animal Questions ( What is my Spirit Animal Quiz)

Q. 1. Which type of platform would you prefer to travel?
a) By Air
b) By Bus
c) By Boat
d) Not Sure

Q. 2. What is the best or suitable working hours for you would be?
a) 9:30AM to 5:30 PM
b) 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
c) 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
d) None of These

Q. 3. Which is heavier, 1 Kg of Tomato or 1000 grams of Potato?
a) weigh is the same
b) 1 Kg Tomato heavier
c) 1000 grams Potato heavier
d) I can’t say anything

Q. 4. When you feel better and stress-free?
a) Sleeping Time
b) Leave for long time
c) After Achieving the Gaol
d) Can’t say anything

Q. 5. What is the right word to use your friends to describe you?
a) Good Person
b) Family Oriented
c) Lazy Person
d) Not Sure

Q. 6. Which type of blanket would you have in your bedroom?

a) Fur blanket
b) Feather Stuffed blanket
c) Any types of blanket
d) Not Sure

Q. 7. Which one your favourite subject in your school Time?
a) Science
b) Mathematics
c) Social Studies
d) None of These

Q. 8. In which country would you like to live?
a) Canada
b) United State
c) United Kingdom
d) None of These

Q. 9. In which country would you like to go on a long vacation?
a) Australia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) Not Sure

Q. 10. How many children do you want in the future?
a) 1 children
b) 2 children
c) 3 children
d) Not sure

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