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Q. 51. Is it dangerous in New York?

Q. 52. Which state does New York belong to?

Q. 53. Why is it called New York New York?

Q. 54. Is there 2 New York’s in America?

Q. 55. Is New York different from New York City?

Q. 56. Is New York City different from New York State?

Q. 57. Is NYC and Manhattan the same?

Q. 58. What is the most dangerous borough in New York?

Q. 59. Should I live in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Q. 60. How long is Central Park?


Q. 61. How dangerous is Central Park?

Q. 62. What should I wear in NYC?

Q. 63. Does anyone live in Central Park?

Q. 64. Are there homeless in Central Park?

Q. 65. Do people sleep in Central Park?

Q. 66. Who owns Central Park?

Q. 67. How many murders have happened in Central Park?

Q. 68. What is Central Park famous for?

Q. 69. Is Central Park man-made or natural?

Q. 70. Who owns Central Park in New York?

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Q. 80. How deep is the water in Central Park?

Q. 81. How much would it cost to buy Central Park?

Q.82. Can you smoke in Central Park?

Q. 83. Why don’t they build in Central Park?

Q. 84. How long does it take to walk through Central Park?

Q. 85. How do I not look like a tourist in NYC?

Q. 86. Is Central Park Zoo free?

Q. 87. Is NYC safe at night?

Q. 88. Where should I avoid in NYC?

Q. 89. What month is best to visit New York?

Q. 90. Is Harlem still dangerous?