History Trivia Questions Answers for Kids/Teens

History Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids/Students/Adult Peoples:

Qus: When did the First World War begin?
Ans: 1914

Qus: When did the World War II begin?
(a) 1932
Ans: 1939

Qus: When was the treaty of Versailles signed?
Ans: 1919

Qus: When was the first atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima?
(a)6 August 1945
(b)6 August 1949
(c)9 August 1945
(d)5 August 1946
Ans: 6 August 1945

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Qus: When was the second atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki?
(a)9 August 1945
(b)6 August 1949
(c)9 August 1944
(d)9 August 1947
Ans: 9 August 1945

Qus: Which country did the worst damage to World War II?
Ans: Japan

Qus: When was Bangladesh born?
Ans: 1971

Qus: When Zimbabwe became independent?
Ans: 1980

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Qus: Whose end of the treaty of Versailles?
(a)Second world war
(b)French Revolution
(c)First world war
(d)None of these
Ans: First world war

Qus: The name of Florence Nightingale is related to which war?
(a)First world war
(b)Second world war
(c)Battle of the Kremlin
(d)None of these
Ans: Battle of the Kremlin

Qus: Which ancient civilization was near the Persian Gulf?
(a)Yellow river valley
(b)Indus Valley
(d)None of these
Ans: Sumer

Qus: When was the establishment of the International Labor Organization (ILO)?
Ans: 1919