Tennis Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Importance of Tennis Trivia Questions and Answers:

Qus: In the famous “Battle of the Sexes” who defeated tennis player ‘Bobby Riggs’?
a) Chris Evert-Lloyd
b) Martina Navratilova
c) Billie Jean King
d) Margaret Court
Ans: Billie Jean King

Qus: Name the first unseeded player to won Wimbledon In 1985?
a) Bjorn Borg
b) Michael Chang
c) Richard Krajicek
d) Boris Becker
Ans: Boris Becker

Qus: How long was the longest tennis match at Wimbledon 2010?
a) 5 Hours, 11 Min
b) 1 Hours, 5 Min
c) 11 Hours, 5 Min
d) 7 Hours, 5 Min
Ans: 11 Hours, 5 Min

Qus: In which year John McEnroe won his first Wimbledon singles title?
a) In 1983
b) In 1981
c) In 1988
d) In 1980
Ans: In 1981

Qus: In the following which tournaments is not a Grand Slam?
a) Australian Open
b) Davis Cup
c) US Open
d) Wimbledon
Ans: Davis Cup

Qus: In the following which famous tennis player died from AIDS on February 6, 1993?
a) Rod Laver
b) Arthur Ashe
c) Stefan Edberg
d) Bjorn Borg
Ans: Arthur Ashe

Qus: The only Grand Slam tournament which played on clay?
a) French Open
b) Wimbledon
c) Australian Open
d) US Open
Ans: French Open

Qus: Which of the following male player holds the record for the most Grand Slam singles titles?
a) Roger Federer
b) Rod Laver
c) Rafael Nadal
d) John McEnroe
Ans: Roger Federer

Qus: In 2013, which of the following Grand Slam offered the most prize money?
a) Wimbledon
b) Australian Open
c) French Open
d) US Open
Ans: Wimbledon

Basic Tennis Trivia Questions and Answers

Qus: In which round was Rafael Nadal eliminated from Wimbledon 2012?
a) Third round
b) First round
c) Second round
d) Fifth round
Ans: Second round

Qus: At 2013 French Open which player became the first man to win the same Grand Slam eight times?
a) Pete Sampras
b) Roger Federer
c) Andy Murray
d) Rafael Nadal
Ans: Rafael Nadal

Qus: Which woman tennis player has won the most singles titles in French Open?
a) Suzanne Lenglen
b) Chris Evert
c) Margaret Court
d) Steffi Graff
Ans: Chris Evert

Qus: In men’s doubles how many Grand Slam titles have Bob and Mike Bryan won?
a) 16
b) 15
c) 11
d) 18
Ans: 16

Qus: In the following, which Grand Slam is the oldest tennis tournament in the world?
a) Australian Open
b) Wimbledon
c) French Open
d) US Open
Ans: Wimbledon

Qus: What was the name of first black tennis player to win the US Open?
a) Frances Tiafoe
b) Donald Young
c) Arthur Ashe
d) MaliVai Washington
Ans: Arthur Ashe

Qus: Name the only Grand Slam tournament which played on grass?
a) US Open
b) French Open
c) Australian Open
d) Wimbledon
Ans: Wimbledon

Easy Tennis Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Qus: Name the female player who holds the record for winning the most Wimbledon singles?
a) Martina Navratilova
b) Billie Jean King
c) Serena Williams
d) Helen Wills Moody
Ans: Martina Navratilova

Qus: Which tennis tournament has a purple and green logo?
a) Wimbledon
b) French Open
c) US Open
d) Australian Open
Ans: Wimbledon

Qus: In the following what is the name of the main court at the US Open?
a) Louis Armstrong Stadium
b) Open Stadium
c) Arthur Ashe Stadium
d) Singer Bowl Stadium
Ans: Arthur Ashe Stadium

Qus: Name the American sister and brother who won the mixed doubles championship at Wimbledon in 1980?
a) Andy and Jamie Murray
b) Tracy and John Austin
c) Marat and Dinara Safina
d) None of these
Ans: Tracy and John Austin

Qus: In the following who was the youngest Wimbledon women’s champion of the 20th century?
a) Lottie Dod
b) Jana Novotna
c) Martina Hingis
d) Steffi Graf
Ans: Martina Hingis

Easy Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers

Qus: In 2008 which tennis player won two men’s singles Grand Slam titles?
a) Roger Federer
b) Rafael Nadal
c) Andy Roddick
d) Novak Djokovic
Ans: Rafael Nadal

Qus: Tennis is played on what of the following?
a) Court
b) Field
c) Pitch
d) Rink
Ans: Court

Qus: If the server has his foot over the baseline, what is it called?
a) linestep
b) footfault
c) stepfault
d) overstep
Ans: footfault

Qus: Tennis played on what type of surface?
a) Grass
b) Clay
c) Concrete
d) In all of these
Ans: In all of these

Qus: What word is used to refer the score 40-40 in tennis?
a) Deuce
b) Choose
c) Juice
d) Gyuce
Ans: Deuce

Easy Tennis Questions and Answers

Qus: What year was Greg Rusedski born?
a) 1973
b) 1977
c) 1983
d) 1970
Ans: 1973

Qus: In the following which is NOT a valid score in tennis?
a) Love
b) 30
c) 25
d) 15
Ans: 25

Qus: How many points does ‘love’ represent in tennis?
a) Ten
b) None
c) Thirty
d) Fifteen
Ans: None

Qus: Wimbledon tennis courts made from which of the following?
a) Concrete
b) Clay
c) Grass
d) Ice
Ans: Grass

Qus: Name the district of London where is a very famous tennis tournament held every year?
a) Chelsea
b) Walthamstow
c) Barking
d) Wimbledon
Ans: Wimbledon

Qus: Which of the following scores is a completed set in tennis?
a) 9-8
b) 6-4
c) 4-2
d) 6-5
Ans: 6-4

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