US Current Events 2019-2020 Quiz Questions Answers

US Current Events 2019-2020: US Government Current Events Quiz Questions:

As we know most of the people in the present time are searching the web for various types of current events summaries such as US Current Events 2019, US Government Current Events, now they can fully trust, they almost always end up on In this particular US Current Events 2019-2020 everyone easily views different types of captivating images and news briefs about critical government decisions (US Government Current Events), medical & science discoveries, economy, new technology breakthroughs, sports and many more. From US Currents Event web page, you will see previous, current and upcoming news events etc. Read more about most popular and all the important news events from past years up to today, including various developments in the whole United States and in countries throughout the world. In this section, we can also try to share some important US Current events Quiz Questions answers which are based on US Government Current Events, US Politics, US Economy and Sports etc.

US Current Events 2019-2020: US Government Current Events:

Feb 2019 : 1-7, 8-15, 16-22, 23-28

March 2019 : 1-7, 8-15, 16-22, 23-31

April 2018 : 1-7, 8-15, 16-22, 23-30

May 2018 : 1-7, 8-15, 16-22, 23-31

US Current Events Quiz ( US Current Events Questions) Based on Various Categories:

State Politics
National Persons
International Important Days
Agriculture Art and Culture
Awards and Honours Banking
Bills and Acts Business
Defence Economy
Education Environment
Festivity Finance
Obituary Places
Science Sports
Talkies Technology

List of few Common US Current Events Quiz (US Government Current Event Questions):

Q. Who is is the current president’s of United States of America?
Ans: Mr. Donald Trump

Q. What is the name of current Vice President of USA?
Ans: Mike Pence (Former Governor)

Q. Who is the current Secretary of the Treasury?
Ans: Steven Mnuchin

Q. Who is the current Attorney General of United States of America?
Ans: Matthew Whitaker

Q. Who is the current Secretary of Health and Human Services of USA?
Ans: Alex Azar

Q. What is the name of current Secretary of Defense of United States of America?
Ans: Patrick M. Shanahan

Q. Who is the current Director of National Intelligence of USA?
Ans: Dan Coats

Q. What is the name of current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of USA?
Ans: Gina Haspel

What is the Importance of US Current Events or US Current Event Quiz?

If you are lives in the United State and wants to what happens at your surrounding that time you should be read & learn current events. Generally, Current event contains all the types of information which is happening in all over the world. As we know the current events play an important role in our life especially young student life. It will help the students at an important time when they are preparing the examinations. Most of the time several peoples try to check your knowledge and ask a few questions which are generally based on the latest current events in the word we can say they ask the latest current events questions. So, if you want to impress them at that time you need to give quick and correct answers at a time.

Now we can say, apart from the many types of academic knowledge you should know the value and must be aware of daily current events. However, lots of students will not realize the value of current events quiz or current event questions while preparing for various competitive exams. But after getting a low score/fail in the particular exams they will know the value of current events or its related questions.

How to Get Quick Information about Current Events:

If you looking for a simple way for how to aware of daily current events then you need to watch the different news channel, read different newspapers, and up to date on social networking sites. But, if you have any doubt regarding it that time you can also visit various on an online website and also get quick information about daily current events. In this web article, our team also try to collect US current event questions (US current event quiz) for students, kids, and everyone who wants to increase their basic knowledge and up to date with daily current events.

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