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Christmas is one of the most popular annual festivals which is celebrated among billions of people around the world. But, in this particular web article, we will discuss and try to provide a huge number of trivia quiz questions which is based on Christmas. These huge lists of entertaining Christmas trivia questions and answers, covering lots of important topics but all the related to Christmas festival, it will be a great test of your trivia knowledge of Christmas trivia or Christmas festival knowledge. So, whenever you get together with your family and friends together just see or check who can answer the most Christmas trivia questions. That member gives lots of Christmas trivia questions and answers he/she will be the king or queen of the Christmas trivia questions answers game. This Christmas festival, add lots of fun to your holiday gathering with Christmas trivia. Whenever you plan a Christmas trivia questions and answers game, it is important to play in teams, because what one team member unable to gives right answers or does not know, that time another team member try to give the right answers as well. Have a lots of fun and wonderful or amazing or memorable holiday with our huge collection of Christmas trivia quiz games, Christmas trivia quizzes games, and Christmas trivia questions and answers. Whih the help of these Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers, you can also become a Christmas expert. So just try to play this Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers.

List of Important Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions Answers:

Qus: When is Christmas day celebrate?
a) 22 December
b) 25 December
c) 26 December
d) 20 December
Ans: 25 December

Qus: What was the name of Jesus’s mother?
a) Hannah Ayscough
b) Marie Curie
c) Virgin Mary
d) None of these
Ans: Virgin Mary

Qus: In the following name the last state in the United States that declared Christmas a legal holiday?
a) Alabama
b) Oklahoma
c) Colorado
d) California
Ans: Oklahoma

Qus: What is the name of the first state in the United States to recognize Christmas as an official holiday?
a) Nebraska
b) Alabama
c) Indiana
d) Oklahoma
Ans: Alabama

Qus: St. Nicholas belongs to which of the following country?
a) Norway
b) Turkey
c) England
d) US
Ans: Turkey
Qus: Which of the following is the most popular decoration used to place at the top of the Christmas tree?
a) sweetmeats
b) Angel
c) Lights
d) Christmas balls
Ans: Angel

Qus: In which date does the Russian Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas?
a) 15th January
b) 7th January
c) 6th January
d) 4th January
Ans: 10th January

Qus: In which country did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus travel after leaving Bethlehem?
a) Morocco
b) Libya
c) Egypt
d) Qatar
Ans: Egypt

Qus: In which of the following country did the custom of putting up a Christmas tree originated?
a) Germany
b) France
c) Russia
d) Spain
Ans: Germany

Qus: Which of the following animated 2004 film is about a train that carries kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?
a) Terkel in Trouble
b) The Polar Express
c) A Christmas Carol
d) Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas
Ans: The Polar Express

Top 10 Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers:

Qus: In the following which traditional Christmas decoration is a parasitic plant?
a) Dodders
b) Misodendrum
c) Mistletoe
d) Santalaceae
Ans: Mistletoe

Qus: In the following who created the first electric light Christmas display?
a) Nikola Tesla
b) Henry Ford
c) Thomas Edison
d) Hiram Maxim
Ans: Thomas Edison

Qus: In the novel Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” what was Mr Scrooge’s first name?
a) Fezziwig
b) Tiny Tim
c) Ebenezer
d) Fred
Ans: Ebenezer

Qus: Which one of the following US states holds the Guinness record for the largest snowman?
a) Texas
b) Maine
c) Florida
d) California
Ans: Maine

Qus: What was the first Christmas song broadcast from space in 1945?
a) “Happy Xmas” (War Is Over)
b) “Jingle Bells”
c) “Christmas In Hollis”
d) “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays”
Ans: “Jingle Bells”

Qus: The poinsettia plant related from which of the following country?
a) Canada
b) Mexico
c) Chile
d) Argentina
Ans: Mexico

Qus: In which holiday movie sequel includes a cameo by Donald Trump?
a) Home Alone 3
b) Home Alone 2
c) Richie Rich
d) Home Alone
Ans: Home Alone 2

Qus: What is the French name for Santa Claus?
a) Joulupukki
b) Mikulas
c) Pere Noel
d) Papai Noel
Ans: Pere Noel

Qus: When was the first Christmas card created?
a) 1843
b) 1893
c) 1863
d) 1883
Ans: 1843

Qus: How many white Christmases in the 20th century England had?
a) Seven
b) Five
c) Eight
d) Nine
Ans: Seven

Common Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Qus: What is the meaning of Tinsel?
a) Star
b) Moon
c) Sparkle
d) Colour
Ans: Sparkle

Qus: In the following who is the author of “The Night Before Christmas”?
a) Mark Twain
b) Charles Dickens
c) Clement C.Moore
d) Hans Christian Andersen
Ans: Clement C.Moore

Qus: Edward Johnson is known for which of the following Christmas achievement?
a) Invented the first glass bauble
b) Invented the first electric tree lights
c) Invented the first Christmas jingle
d) Invented the first Christmas cracker
Ans: Invented the first electric tree lights

Qus: Name the person who introduced the Christmas tree to England?
a) Queen Victoria
b) King James I
c) Winston Churchill
d) Prince Albert
Ans: Prince Albert

Qus: Which of the following country started the tradition of exchanging gifts in Christmas?
a) France
b) Italy
c) Spain
d) Germany
Ans: Italy

Qus: In the following which Christmas holiday drink contains sugar, milk and eggs?
a) Eggnog
b) Punch
c) Hot Chocolate
d) Cider
Ans: Eggnog

Qus: On which instrument the carol Silent Night was first played in the following?
a) A guitar
b) A piano
c) A flute
d) An organ
Ans: A guitar

Qus: In which building does Buddy’s dad work in Elf?
a) Chrysler Building
b) The Empire State Building
c) Rockefeller Center
d) Flatiron Building
Ans: The Empire State Building

Qus: Which of the following country says ‘Maligayang Pasko’ at Christmas?
a) Russia
b) England
c) Philippines
d) Malaysia
Ans: Philippines

Qus: In the following what is the two most popular Christmas colours after red or green?
a) Blue & Gold
b) Yellow & Silver
c) Silver & Gold
d) Black & Gold
Ans: Silver & Gold

List of top 8 Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions Answers:

Qus: The carol Jingle Bells original name is?
a) What Fun It Is To Ride
b) One Horse Open Sleigh
c) Dashing Through The Snow
d) Jingle All The Way
Ans: One Horse Open Sleigh

Qus: In the following what should little children leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
a) A Bottle of Beer
b) Cookies and Milk
c) A Cheese
d) A Carrots
Ans: Cookies and Milk

Qus: Which of the following Christmas Ballet is the most famous?
a) Frosty Goes to New York
b) Rudolph’s Surprise
c) Mr. and Mrs. Claus
d) The Nutcracker
Ans: The Nutcracker

Qus: In the following what was the first name of Mrs Claus?
a) Gertrude
b) Maud
c) Clara
d) Jeannie
Ans: Gertrude

Qus: Who is the author of the song “Here Comes Santa Claus”?
a) Gene Autry
b) Tex Ritter
c) Michael Jackson
d) Percy Douglas
Ans: Gene Autry

Qus: Who is Ebenezer in the following?
a) The Milk Man
b) The 23rd President
c) The Scrooge
d) Mrs Claus’s Secret Friend
Ans: The Scrooge

Qus: Name the famous mathematician who was born on Christmas Day?
a) Sir Isaac Newton
b) Pythagoras
c) David Hilbert
d) Andrew Wiles
Ans: Sir Isaac Newton (December 25, 1642)

Qus: What is the colour of the Grinch?
a) Blue
b) White
c) Red
d) Green
Ans: Green

Note: These above Christmas Trivia Questions And Answers or Christmas Trivia quiz are very beneficial for you and your kids or students. We hope you and your kids, or students enjoyed these Christmas trivia questions and answers. If you learn and increase your Christmas trivia knowledge, then you can congratulate yourself on your fantastic trivia knowledge. Never mind if you unable to give right answers of few Christmas Trivia Questions because some of the Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers were quite tough and not many people, kids, and students know all the answers.

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