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Now, in this internet era a huge amount of population every day or every single day access internet services in different types of electronic devices like computer, mobile phone, I pad, laptop etc. after the revolution of internet service most of the peoples always try to search online. With the help of the internet service, everyone easily get complete and quick information about anything which you want. But in this section, we are trying to discuss online quiz (online quizzes) and also mention a huge list of the online quiz which is based on different subject or different topics. An online question is a wonderful and very informative game which can also be called a mind g. We are sure, everyone already known about the various types of questions like objective quiz, MCQ, and fill in the blank, true and false questions etc. We have already known most of the schools, colleges, and institute etc. have conducted different types of quiz competitions in all over the years. if you want to appear in these competitions and looking for how to increase trivia knowledge, then you are in the right place because with the help of these online trivia quizzes or online trivia questions answers you can increase your knowledge in different fields.

List of Important Online Quiz or Online Trivia Quiz:

Qus: In the following who is the inventor of Fountain Pen?
a) Lewis E. Waterman
b) Guglielmo Marconi
c) King C. Gillette
d) Elisha Otis
Ans: Lewis E. Waterman

Qus: Joshua Lionel Cowen invented which one of the following toy around 1900?
a) Barbie doll
b) Electric train
c) Yo-yo
d) Tinkertoys
Ans: Electric train

Qus: What is the smallest country name in the world?
a) Vatican city
b) Itly
c) Monaco
d) Tuvalu
Ans: Vatican city

Qus: Which one of the country is not a member of SAARC?
a) Myanmar
b) Bhutan
c) India
d) Nepal
Ans: Myanmar

Qus: What is the order of X-rays wavelength in the following?
a) 10 micron
b) 1 mm
c) 1 cm
d) 1 angstrom
Ans: 1 angstrom

Qus: Do you know what frequency range is the High Frequency band in the following?
a) 10 kHz
b) 3 to 30 Mhz
c) 30 to 300 MHz
d) 10 Ghz
Ans: 3 to 30 Mhz

Qus: Where are the headquarter of “Economic Commission for Africa” situated?
a) Bahir Dar
b) Dire Dawa
c) Addis Ababa
d) Baghdad
Ans: Addis Ababa

Qus: In the following ‘Logarithm tables’ were invented by whom?
a) John Napier
b) William Oughtred
c) Charles Babbage
d) John Douglas
Ans: John Napier

Qus: Jules Rimet trophy related with which of the following sport?
a) Cricket
b) Football
c) Badminton
d) Tennis
Ans: Football

Qus: Malfunctioning of which organs causes jaundice?
a) Liver
b) Heart
c) Stomach
d) Kidney
Ans: Liver

Qus: Lance Armstrong belongs to which of the following countries?
a) Brazil
b) China
c) Russia
d) USA
Ans: USA

World Country Online Quiz Questions Answers or Online Trivia Questions

Qus: Which country in the following has launched a website to report foreign spies?
a) China
b) India
c) US
d) Russia
Ans: China

Qus: In the following what country supreme court has banned the deportation of convicted immigrants?
a) Nepal
b) China
c) United States
d) Pakistan
Ans: United States

Qus: On which date the International Day for Monuments and Sites observed?
a) 18 April
b) 18 May
c) 10 April
d) 16 April
Ans: 18 April

Qus: When is the World Haemophilia Day celebrated?
a) 17 April
b) 19 April
c) 24 April
d) 29 April
Ans: 17 April

Qus: Which of the following country’s police has announced a crackdown on human trafficking and forced prostitution?
a) Japan
b) US
c) Germany
d) Russia
Ans: Germany

Qus: Which of the following nation has opened its first public movie theatre?
a) Oman
b) Iraq
c) Qatar
d) Saudi Arabia
Ans: Saudi Arabia

Qus: On which date the World Liver Day celebrate?
a) April 11
b) April 19
c) April 20
d) April 8
Ans: April 19

Qus: In the following which country will host the 2018 Global IT Challenge?
a) Russia
b) Nepal
c) India
d) UK
Ans: India

List of Important Physics Online Quiz or Online Quizzes

Qus: What is the shape of our milky way galaxy ?
a) Spiral
b) Elliptical
c) Circular
d) None of these
Ans: Spiral

Qus: In the following what is the fundamental scientific principle in the operation of battery?
a) Dissociation of electrolytes
b) Dialysis
c) Acid-base interaction
d) Oxidation-reduction
Ans: Dissociation of electrolytes

Qus: Which instrument used to measure the force and velocity of the wind?
a) Anemometer
b) Ammeter
c) Altimeter
d) Audiometer
Ans: Anemometer

Qus: Who invented the Electron microscope?
a) Helmut Ruska and Ernst Ruska
b) James Hillier
c) Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll
d) Robert Koch
Ans: Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll

Qus: Electrostatic precipitator is used to control the pollution of which of the following?
a) Noise
b) Thermal
c) Air
d) Water
Ans: Air

Qus: In the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed by which of the following?
a) Ozone
b) Nitrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Helium
Ans: Ozone

Qus: In the following who measured the velocity of light first?
a) Einstein
b) Ole Romer
c) Newton
d) Galileo
Ans: Ole Romer

Qus: Lamberts law is related to which of the following?
a) Refraction
b) Reflection
c) Illumination
d) Interference
Ans: Illumination

Qus: Who defined the law of gravitation in the following?
a) Faraday
b) Aristotle
c) Galileo
d) Newton
Ans: Newton

Qus: In which galaxy our Earth is located?
a) The Milky Way galaxy
b) The Sombrero Galaxy
c) The Whirlpool Galaxy
d) The Andromeda Galaxy
Ans: The Milky Way galaxy

Qus: What is the units of Electric Current?
a) Watt
b) Ampere
c) Ohm
d) Volt
Ans: Ampere

Qus: What is the primary source of energy for the earth?
a) The Moon
b) The Forest
c) The Sun
d) The Rivers
Ans: The Sun

Qus: What is the unit of Electric power?
a) Volt
b) Ohm
c) Ampere
d) Watt
Ans: Watt

World History Quiz or Online Quiz Based on World History (Online Trivia Quiz)

Qus: Who crossed the Rubicon river in the following?
a) Julius Caesar
b) Augustus Caesar
c) Alexander the Great
d) The Spartans
Ans: Julius Caesar

Qus: By which name Bangladesh was known before independence?
a) Bhutan
b) Panjab
c) East Pakistan
d) Bangalore
Ans: East Pakistan

Qus: What is the first dynasty name of China?
a) Han Dynasty
b) Shang dynasty
c) Xia dynasty
d) Sui Dynasty
Ans: Xia dynasty

Qus: In the following which one is the oldest epic in the history of mankind?
a) Mahabharata(India)
b) Gilgamesh Epic(Babylon)
c) Shakuntala (India)
d) Homer’s epic(Ancient Greece)
Ans: Gilgamesh Epic(Babylon)

Qus: Which of the following cities was known the home of the Hanging Gardens?
a) Assyria
b) Venice
c) Babylon
d) Rome
Ans: Babylon

Qus: The wars between the Romans and Carthaginians known by what name?
a) The Punic Wars
b) The Peloponnesian War
c) The Sassanid Wars
d) The Judean Wars
Ans: The Punic Wars

Qus: What is the name of Empire who built the Taj Mahal in India?
a) The Sassanid Empire
b) The Mughal Empire
c) The Mongol Empire
d) The Ming Dynasty
Ans: The Mughal Empire

Qus: In which year was the first world war began?
a) 1918
b) 1914
c) 1920
d) 1921
Ans: 1914

Qus: In which country Adolf Hitler was Born?
a) Italy
b) Austria
c) France
d) US
Ans: Austria

Qus: In 1066 the Battle of Hastings was fought in which of the following country?
a) Japan
b) Norway
c) Croatia
d) England
Ans: England

Qus: Name the king who published the Magna Carta?
a) Henry II
b) King John
c) Louis VII
d) Philip II
Ans: King John

Qus: ‘King John’ was the king of which country?
a) France
b) England
c) Russia
d) Italy
Ans: England

Qus: The first successful printing press was developed by whom?
a) Martin Luther
b) Johannes Gutenberg
c) Sir Isaac Newton
d) Benjamin Franklin
Ans: Johannes Gutenberg

Qus: Name the Roman Emperor who built a massive wall across Northern Britain in 122 A.D.?
a) Caracalla
b) Vespasian
c) Trajan
d) Hadrian
Ans: Hadrian

Qus: Between which two countries the Hundred Years War was fought?
a) France and Italy
b) Italy and Germany
c) France and England
d) Germany and Spain
Ans: France and England

Qus: In which year America got independence?
a) 1771
b) 1776
c) 1779
d) 1770
Ans: 1776

Qus: In the following who discovered North America before Columbus?
a) Leif Erikson
b) Bjarni Herjólfsson
c) John Cabot
d) Henry Hudson
Ans: Leif Erikson

Importance of Online Quiz Questions 

In the above section we have already discussed quickly over of online q but in the particular section have figured out the different types of benefits of quiz competitions. Online quiz obviously developed the people’s minds and also academic benefits of growing a student’s knowledge or exploring new skills at an early age, These online quizzes redefine the learning system in the important ways. So carefully just read the bellow mention point about the benefits of online quizzes. Online quiz section is one of the most important for those peoples who spent lots of time in internet surfing and also wants to increase their trivia knowledge. Online quiz section everyone easily get a huge number of questions which are based on various subjects or events. But, those peoples who think they have enough and good knowledge that time they can easily check their knowledge and try to give correct answers to mentioned questions without looking right answers. Now let’s start and try to gives the right answers of these following online trivia quiz questions.

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