Literature Quiz Questions and Answers

Literature Trivia Questions and Answers:

In the current era, a huge number of kinds of literature published every year all over the world.  However, everyone already knows about the word Literature but in this particular web post our team trying to provide a huge list of Literature quizzes or Literature Quiz about authors and their popular books. Now, learn these Literature trivia questions answers and increase your knowledge.

Simple Literature Quiz Questions or Simple Literature Trivia Quiz:

Q. Who is the writer of a Brief History of Time?
a) Stephen Hawkins
b) John lee Keerai
c) Tennessee Williams
d) George Eliot
Ans: Stephen Hawkins

Q. Who is the writer of Adventure of Sherlock Holmes?
a) Arthur Conan Doyle
b) Stephen King
c) Robert Louis
d) H. G. Wells
Ans: Arthur Conan Doyle

Q. Who is the writer of A Bend in the River?
a) Derek Walcott
b) V.S. Naipaul
c) Paul Theroux
d) John Maxwell Coetzee
Ans: V.S. Naipaul

Q. Who is the writer of Alice in Wonderland?
a) Hans Christian Andersen
b) Charles Dickens
c) Lewis Carroll
d) Robert Louis Stevenson
Ans: Lewis Carroll

Q. Who is the writer of “all things bright and beautiful”?
a) John Rutter
b) Henry Gauntlett
c) Cecil Frances Alexander
d) William Henry Monk
Ans: Cecil Frances Alexander

Q. Who is the writer of “An American Dilemma”?
a) Alva Myrdal
b) Gunnar Myrdal
c) Nicholas Kaldor
d) Jan Myrdal
Ans: Gunnar Myrdal

Q. Who is the writer of “An American Tragedy”?
a) Upton Sinclair
b) Ernest Hemingway
c) Theodore Dreiser
d) Jack London
Ans: Theodore Dreiser

Simple English Literature Questions and Answers Quiz:

Q. Who wrote The “Bonfire of the Vanities”?
a) Frank Norris
b) Tom Wolfe
c) Sinclair Lewis
d) Sherwood Anderson
Ans: Tom Wolfe

Q. Who wrote the “Coming of is in Samoa”?
a) Franz Boas
b) Mary Catherine Bateson
c) Ruth Benedict
d) Margaret Mead
Ans: Margaret Mead

English Literature Quiz or English Literature Trivia Quiz:

Q. Who wrote the “Dust to Dust”?
a) Lisa Gardner
b) John Sandford
c) Tami Hoag
d) None of These
Ans: Tami Hoag

Q. Who wrote “Discovery of India”?
a) Kamala Nehru
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Motilal Nehru
d) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

Q. Who wrote “Descent of Man”?
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Richard Dawkins
c) Charles Darwin
d) Alfred Russel Wallace
Ans: Charles Darwin

Q. Who wrote “Das Kapital ”?
a) Friedrich Engels
b) Karl Marx
c) Vladimir Lenin
d) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich.
Ans: Karl Marx

Q. Who wrote “Darkness at Noon”?
a) Arthur Koestler
b) George Orwell
c) Albert Camus
d) James Joyce
Ans: Arthur Koestler

Q. Who wrote “Conquest of Self”?
a) Nelson Mandela
b) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
c) Indira Gandhi
d) Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Q. Who wrote “Beyond the Horizon”?
a) Arthur Miller
b) Tennessee Williams
c) Oona O’Neill
d) Eugene O’Neill
Ans: Eugene O’Neill

Q. Who wrote “Brave New World”?
a) Aldous Huxley
b) Ernest Hemingway
c) D. H. Lawrence
d) James Joyce
Ans: Aldous Huxley

Q. Who wrote “Asian Drama”?
a) Nicholas Kaldor
b) Gunnar Myrdal
c) Bertil Ohlin
d) Friedrich Hayek
Ans: Gunnar Myrdal

Q. Who wrote, “Being Digital”?
a) Nicholas Negroponte
b) John Negroponte
c) Seymour Papert
d) Michel Negroponte
Ans: Nicholas Negroponte

Q. Who is the writer of “Managing for Results”?
a) Michael Porter
b) Michael Porter
c) Philip Kotler
d) Peter Drucker
Ans: Peter Drucker

Q. Who is the writer of “Merchant of Venice”?
a) William Shakespeare
b) Oscar Wilde
c) Charles Dickens
d) Anne Hathaway
Ans: William Shakespeare

Q. Who is the writer of “Plan of Attack”?
a) Bob Woodward
b) Carl Bernstein
c) Donald Trump Jr.
d) Brett
Ans: Bob Woodward

Q. Who is the writer of “Othello”?
a) Edgar Allan Poe
b) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
c) William Wordsworth
d) William Shakespeare
Ans: William Shakespeare

Q. Who is the writer of “The Republic”?
a) Plato
b) Aristotle
c) Socrates
d) Pythagoras
Ans: Plato

Q. Who is the writer of “The Diary of a Young Girl”?
a) Margot Frank
b) Anne Frank
c) Otto Frank
d) None of These
Ans: Anne Frank

Q. Who is the writer of the “Da Vinci Code”?
a) Dan Brown
b) Stephen King
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Ken Follett
Ans: Dan Brown

Q. Who is the writer of the “The Call of The Wild”?
a) Mark Twain
b) Charmian London
c) Jack London
d) Robert Louis Stevenson
Ans: Jack London

Q. Who is the wrote of the “The Big Fisherman”?
a) Lloyd C. Douglas
b) Hagar Wilde
c) Dudley Nichols
d) Philip Dunne
Ans: Lloyd C. Douglas

Q. Who wrote “Tarzan Of The Apes”?
a) Frank Frazetta
b) Johnny Weissmuller
c) Edgar Rice Burroughs
d) Robert E. Howard
Ans: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Q. Who wrote “The Hot zone”?
a) Richard Preston
b) Richard Preston
c) Joey Travolta
d) Michael Crichton
Ans: Richard Preston

Q. Who wrote the “The Man Without Qualities”?
a) Robert Musil
b) Thomas Mann
c) Franz Kafka
d) None of These
Ans: Robert Musil

List of Literature Quiz or Literature Trivia Questions and Answers:
Name of Books Name of Writer
Stupid White Men Michael Moore
The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare
The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway
The Origin of Species Charles Darwin
The Other Side of Midnight Sidney Sheldon
The Painted Veil William Somerset Maugham
The Power and the Glory Graham Greene
The Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Peale
The Private Life of Chairman Mao Li Zhisui
The Double Helix James Watson
The Golden Notebook Doris Lessing
Operation Shylock Philip Roth
Mankind and Mother Earth Arnold J. Toynbee
Moonwalk Michael Jackson
The Man Who Kept the Secrets Thomas Powers

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