SAT Test Scores

About the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) & SAT Test Scores 2018-2019

The SAT entrance test is one of the standardized tests which is worldwide used for different college admissions including the United States. The Test introduced in the year of 1926, but later on, its name and test scoring have changed lots of times; the test is formerly called as the “Scholastic Aptitude Test”, but later on it is called as the Scholastic Assessment Test. The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is generally owned, design, and issued by the College Board, which is a very popular non-profit organization in the U.S. (United States). The SAT Test is managed on behalf of the College Board by the Educational Testing Service. The entrance exam is mostly planned to measure every individual students’ willingness for college/university. We have mainly developed this article page especially for those students who are looking for the worthwhile example to go ahead to reach easily their goal. Now In this article, we will discuss on a various topic such as; SAT Test Scores, what is Good SAT subject Test Scores, SAT Subject Test Scoring Works and SAT Test Scores Range and many more. The basic necessity of every individual student is that they required fulfilling all the necessary eligibility criteria. So, our team are happy to share these all type of possible information regarding SAT Test, SAT Test Scores 2018-2019.

About the SAT Scores 2018-2019

The SAT Test Scores is also one of the vital factors about those applicants who are interested in attained upcoming SAT entrance test. If you get the good SAT Test Scores then you can achieve your goal very easily. We all know, every interested and individual student always need to prepare in proper ways for any exams, so as to achieve some maximum scores to creak your goal. The important thing you need to know about the SAT scores. If you are already registered for upcoming SAT entrance exams online and set up a College Board account, then you will get an email telling you how to find your online test score report when the SAT Test Scores are ready and release.

What is Good SAT Subject Test Scores?

If you are an eligible student and already taking the SAT exams 2018 (in this year), then you might be questioning what is a good SAT score for 2018? It is one of the common questions, which is asked by the several application times to time. If you have still any doubt and looking for what is Good SAT subject Test Scores? Here we try to answer this question of what is good SAT scores 2018, in this article also looks at a few important things of what makes a good SAT Scores. Our team try to explain why SAT Test Scores should be very important to any single interested students and give you complete advice for achieving your Good SAT Test Scores 2018-2019.


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EBRW Scores

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What is a Bad SAT Subject Test Scores?

If you have recently taken the SAT entrance test and worried about it if your score is bad? Or do you want to know the complete information about the test score to beat before you take the SAT test 2018 for the first time? In this particular article section, we will mention the quick details what is the bad SAT score in both terms (national & colleges level) you might be concerned it. The “bad” SAT test score for a school/university is below their 50% range. The “bad test scores” not because the score is essentially bad on a scores scale, but because it could lower your probabilities of admission in top colleges/university.


Math Scores

EBRW Scores

TOTAL Scores





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How does SAT Subject Test Scoring work?

How to Get SAT Test Scores 2018-2019

In this era, every student easily gets their SAT Test Scores, if you have waited and your scores are released on its official website, that time one another questions comes in students mind like, how we exactly view my SAT scores? So, in this particular section we try to mention few useful tips for you and if follow these step-by-step guides then you can easily find your SAT scores 2018-2019.

1. In the first steps, you need to visit its (SAT College Board) website.
2. Now click on the middle section where “May scores”.
3. The particular test scores will be updated according to which SAT test dates scores were last announced.
4. After clicking on that, you’ll be directed to a sign-in page of SAT College Board.
5. Enter your correct username and password you created when you registered for the SAT and just click on Log.
6. Now, you’ll be able to view you’re recently SAT test scores 2018-2019 (recent test scores will be listed at the top of the list).
7. In the final steps, you need to click on “See Them Now” to view your SAT Subjects Test Scores in the updated format.

So, if you follow these above steps, surely you can easily find your score summary and you will be able to get your composite test scores for each section of the SAT.

When Do SAT Test Scores Come Out?

The SAT subject test scores come out approximately two to three weeks after the entrance test. But, the exact SAT Test Scores Come Out dates depends on which test date you’re engaged for.
The Upcoming SAT Test Scores Come Out Date (estimated) is:

SAT Test Date SAT Score Release Date
10th April, 2018 3rd May, 2018
24th April, 2018 17th May, 2018
5th May, 2018 18th – 24th May, 2018
2nd June, 2018 11th July, 2018
What is SAT Test Scores Range?

Every new student who is interested to take the upcoming SAT test 2018 and want to be able to determine how their upcoming SAT Test Scores fit into the various competitive scene of top college admission in the United States. A new SAT score is not equivalent to the same score on the old SAT and must be translated via a concordance. Colleges will not report new SAT scores from enrolled students until spring 2018, and guidebooks will not include the new figures until summer 2018.

Here in this section, we will talk about all of the different types of scores like, what is the SAT score ranges, what is the SAT scores range you need for admission in top colleges/university. Now let’s get into everything concerning to upcoming SAT test scores and the SAT score range 2018-2019. The upcoming SAT test Scoring basics are;

  • Every student will receive two types of scores, first is math scores and second is verbal (combined from the reading and writing sections).
  • Both section scores are on a scale between 200 to 800 points.
  • The combined test score you can achieve on the new final SAT Test Scores is 1600 points.
  • The minimum subjects test score you can get on either the reading and writing sections or the math subject section is 200 and the maximum is 800.
SAT Subject Test Scoring for the Multiple-Choice Sections:
How to Preparation for Good SAT Test Scores?